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Give Dad something other than a Headache this Father’s Day

Give Dad something other than a Headache this Father’s Day

Fancy giving Dad a place on the stag do for completely free? Well keeping reading to be a Super-Son. If you’re anything like me days like Father’s Day and even Birthdays can go unnoticed until the day before the event when it finally hits you and you realise just why your girlfriend kept saying “I can’t believe I’m going to be 24 next week” or why all those ‘Father’s Day’ banners have been hanging up in every Clinton’s Cards shop-front you’ve walked past over the last month. Well, see this as your official Father’s Day reminder but also the amazing chance to give the old guy something a little bit different and a lot more impressive than a bar of chocolate and a card that still has the price sticker on! If you’re thinking about booking up your stag weekend for any date in 2013 and will be travelling with a group made up of 18 or more merry men (including he stag's Dad of course) then we’ll let him go for completely FREE. Crazy we know, but Dad’s deserve it, because throughout your life they’ve had to deal with the dirty nappies, the awkward birds and bees conversation and that time he had to pick you and your mates up at 3am because you were too drunk and had no money for a taxi. Your Dad is a king among men so treat him well this Father’s Day (it’s Sunday 16th June if you really can’t remember) and send him off on the weekend of his life for FREE… whether it is a UK booking or a stag do flying off to one of our destinations abroad. This Father’s Day Offer is only available until the end of Saturday 15th June 2013 – the day before Father’s Day, so if you make the most of it, you can give him some damn good news come Sunday. Acting fast is obviously the name of the game, so get things moving and start planning your stag weekend by clicking here!

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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