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Going Off Road

Going Off Road

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If you thought Land Rovers were just for picking up school kids and driving round WAGs, then think again. Considering what these all terrain vehicles are capable of it’s almost an insult to put them on the roads. And let’s face it, as other drivers; we might welcome one or two fewer Land Rovers shoving us out the way. In high street settings, these bulky beasts can be down right annoying, but seeing them in their natural setting of ditches, rolling fields and 80 degree inclines, it’s as though they have been released from captivity into the wild. The fact that Land Rover also produces cars for armed forces in many different countries shows you that these off road vehicles are meant to be seriously scuffed and shaken up a bit. But are you?

We have centres for off-roading in various locations up and down the country and it’s a firm favourite for those who have done quads, clays, and paintballing and are looking for something different to do in the day time. It’s not just for the enthusiasts as many of our packages include instructors who take you through the basics of the course teaching you how to handle the vehicle in a whole manner of crazy ditches and hills.
You may or may not need a driving license, depending on whether the land you drive on is privately owned, but if any of The Stag Company guys and gals can find this out for you if you choose it for your package.

I went last winter with a bunch of mates and you don’t realise how much goes into handling one of these when you’re faced with a trench full of water that comes half way up the vehicle, way past the doors. Unless you’re an expert, you don’t really get to see what these mean machines can do unless the instructors take you for a demo spin – this was an eye opener. It’s hard to look unimpressed when the front tips down a steep man made near vertical slope and you’re so adamant it’s going to flip over that you brace yourself with your feet on the dashboard and your hands covering your eyes.  It’s also quite cool when you’re veering round a tight bend at such a side angle that the window is no more than 2 feet from the ground.

I’d definitely recommend it, and if you’re thinking along these lines, then you may also enjoy Mud Buggies, Quads and Tank Driving.