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Grooms told how to make the perfect speech

Grooms told how to make the perfect speech

Categories: Wedding Advice For Men

Grooms who are gearing up to deliver a speech on their wedding day have been given a list of handy tips to ensure it goes smoothly.


Donna Ross of the Press and Journal said the ideal wedding speech should provoke both laughter and tears among the guests.



But she said that since the groom is likely to be nervous, it would be a good idea to practice thoroughly in advance and have cue cards on hand.



Indeed, she recommended that the speaker should practice the speech until they are sick of reading it.



Ms Ross also said that public speakers also need to make sure they look confident, through means such as making eye contact with the audience and standing up straight.



She added that grooms should not drink too much before speaking, as it will do little to enhance the speech in the eyes of the audience.



"These basic rules will help you make a memorable presentation," she insisted.



According to, the average UK wedding ceremony now costs more than £18,000.