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Hungary offers water sports to visitors

Holidaymakers who want to enjoy activities such as water sports could find Hungary an ideal place to visit.

According to travel website Skyscanner, visitors to the country can enjoy a number of pursuits including sailing and kayaking.

The online portal stated that people can also swim in the waters of central Europe's largest lake during midsummer, as the temperatures warm to a "pleasant" 27 degrees C.

Visitors were also pointed towards some of Hungary's biggest cities, as they offer their own attractions.

Skyscanner commented: "City slickers can get into hot water at one of Budapest's opulent bath houses before hitting the town to sample some Hungarian hedonism."

The website added that Hungary is a good place to visit because it offers relatively favourable exchange rates with the UK, which means British visitors can allow their money to stretch further.

This comes after the Post Office highlighted the country as one of the cheapest European destinations to visit.