Taking the Knickers off Lap Dancing

14 Dec 2008

Taking the Knickers off Lap Dancing

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We all take the sleazy activity of lap dancing for granted and any stag weekend without scheduling in a crafty visit to the local strip club is like asking, does the queen fart? Well of course she does, she's only human, but her Royalness wouldn't let one rip during the Christmas Queen's Speech now would she.

So taking this into account let me guide you on a saucy journey down the sunset strip.

The lap dancing club is the younger sister of the strip club and we all know what goes on behind those mirrored doors, so let me whisk you back once again to those flared wearing warriors of the 70s.

Legend has it that the Melody Theater in New York was the first to introduce audience participation. It operated for 20 years until it was closed due to stag weekend overload.

Now lets move swiftly to the 80s where the Mitchell Brothers O'Farrell Theatre (sounds Irish to me) invited customers to enjoy the prospect of having a dancer sit naked on their laps for a small tit... I mean tip. This idea spread like the local village bike amongst club owners because it brought in more customers and meant they could pay the dancers less.

Sitting on customers' laps evolved into lap dancing as every stag weekend knows it today. But let me leave you with this thought – what man can say no to a scantily clad woman gyrating on their lap? It's a stag do must.


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