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Mud Buggies and Clays in Newcastle

Let's hope on your stag weekend in Newcastle you don't eat some hacky bait and then hoy up in the netty! I have it on good authority from Wikipedia that means to eat dirty food and throw up in the loo.  I can't be certain I haven't offended all of our Geordie friends, but it wouldn't have been the first time.  Mike's Newcastle Stag Do 03 came pretty close. But that's the beauty of Newcastle, it makes you have fun... some might say too much fun. For the past ten years the city has been revamping its night spots along Bigg Market, Collingwood Street,  and the popular Central Station area. The top thing about Newcastle is its high concentration of pubs which means you don't have to stumble far from pub to pub in that brisk Tyne and Wear cold air.

It's no secret that Newcastle is referred to as the Stag and Hen capital of England. It is very popular and we can highly recommend it. From friendly down to earth people to scantily clad ladies in all weather (you have to see the mini skirt / no coat mid-Jan combo to believe it – it's beautiful) Newcastle has plenty to offer. The nightlife is famous, but you shouldn't overlook the day time activities that we can also offer you.

We have a corking dual activity in the shape of Mud Buggies and Clay Pigeon Shooting. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the shotgun action of clays. If you haven't done it before then you probably have a concept of this highly addictive and competitive sport, but mud buggies could be something new to you. Well it shouldn't be new forever, I highly recommend that if you've done the popular stag activities and are looking for something familiar but different, then give this activity a go. As the name suggests, there will be mud... oh yes. These buggies are low seated, sturdy and skiddy when it comes to mud. You'll be strapped in and have an expanse of fields to tear up as you try and over take your mates. Like the clays it's very competitive and it's a bit like karting but with more of a rugged edge to it. When you're worn out with that, head to the range where you'll get gunned up and ready to kill... clays that is.