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 Outdoor Go Karting Stag Do's

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Outdoor Go Karting stag weekends: What to expect

About Outdoor Go Karting

One of the all-time classic stag do activities. Outdoor go karting is a well-loved, adrenaline-fuelled, pedal to the metal exciting activity from start to finish. Except for the fact that nobody likes finishing last (go karting for otherwise) especially on a stag weekend where bragging rights count for everything. It’s also a chance to show everyone in your group that when it comes to driving, you’re not to be messed with. You know how to drive and you know how to drive well. You had a dream where you beat Schumacher in a race once. That’s how good a driver you are, but you’re not going to tell your mates that part (not sober any way!)

Outdoor Go Karting
available destinations:

What to expect

Lots of driving! All the safety equipment will be supplied for you, so helmets, etc. There will also be a racing course ready and waiting for you. Each track will vary from venue to venue, so if you want the details just make sure you ask one of our party planners. Most of our venues will allow you and yours to drive for approximately an hour and a half, some venues will also allow for a test lap before the actual race. So make sure you make use of that to really know the “lay of the land” as it where! There will also be winners announced at the end of the races.*

*Details may vary from venue to venue. For exact details please contact our party planners 

What our customers had to say about it...

Great day from start to finish started off with go karting with everyone winning 1st 2nd 3rd trophies so we dominated the track. After that we had dinner, then off to the lap dancing, then during the night out everyone enjoyed themselves and the stag couldn't of had a better time. Would highly recommend The Stag Company and will use the service again! - Jamie Rice (Stag Company Trust Pilot)

If you and your mates want to kick start the weekend with an adrenaline junkie activity, then Go-Karting is a great way to start. No matter how many times you have previously participated, it never gets old and promises to bring out the big kid in everyone.  It's a certainty that the day will be filled with crude jokes, loaded jeering, and competitiveness but it guaranteed to be enjoyable. If you're a little apprehensive about choosing something wild just in case it's not what you expected, then stick to what you know is good! 

The show must go on whatever the weather, so make sure you're prepared for rain and mud. Don't turn up to the track in all your best clobber save it for the night ahead!

What’s the difference between Outdoor Go Karting and Indoor Go Karting?

The two main differences between Outdoor Go Karting and Indoor Go Karting are firstly that, outdoors, you’re exposed to the elements, and secondly that outdoors you tend to get longer, more spacious tracks so that you can reach higher speeds and overtake more easily. Indoor Go Karting tracks can also get a bit pungent from the engine fumes.


Is Outdoor Go Karting difficult?

Outdoor Go Karting is very easy and no experience is needed. Depending on the venue you may need to master gear-shifting, but otherwise it’s simply a case of accelerate, brake and steer. If you can handle a basic racing game on your console, you can handle Go Karting.


Do we need driving licenses?

Go Karting in the UK doesn’t require drivers to have a license. Before getting behind the wheel, all participants will receive a full training session as well as a health and safety briefing from the team onsite. They’ll give you tips, and they’ll also ensure that everyone is driving sensibly.


Can we do any other stag do activities on the same site?

Outdoor Go Karting is often combined with other activities, especially Paintballing, because they can be located very close to each other, often on the same site. If you’d like to make the most of your time, check in with our friendly stag do planners as to whether you can combine karting with any other nearby activities.


Will there be any jokes about helmets?

What’s funny about helmets? They’re a vital part of the safety equipment when karting, and you won’t be allowed on the track without wearing one. As you’re exposed to the elements when karting outdoors, it’s important that the visor is clear, so if you notice any smudges then do ask one of the staff there to help you polish your helmet.


What do we need to wear?

You’ll be kitted out with overalls and a nice comfortable helmet on arrival. We’d suggest not wearing your smartest gear just in case of mud, and you will need to have on closed-toe shoes or boots. Sandals and flip-flops will not be accepted at most venues.


Are there rules around alcohol?

Anyone who is obviously under the influence of alcohol or anything else for that matter will not be allowed to take part for reasons of safety. Save it for afterwards instead, when you can celebrate your victory in the pub.


What if it rains?

Obviously Outdoor Go Karting means you’re at the mercy of the elements, but that’s half the fun. If it’s raining then the event will usually still go ahead, though you’ll be asked to take extra care on the track.


How fast will we be going?

Speeds vary with go karts but some will go as fast as 40mph or even more. Which is why it’s important to pay attention during the safety briefing and stick to the rules, and why you should never start your engine without a clean helmet.


Are there any weight and height limits?

Depending on the venue, some height and weight limits may apply, as well as health requirements. If you have any concerns on this score, just get in touch with your stag do planner and they’ll find out the relevant information for you.


How do we get to our Outdoor Go Karting activity?

Outdoor Go Karting venues are usually a short drive out of town, perhaps up to 30 minutes away depending on which city you’re in. You can make your own way, perhaps using public transport if suitable or driving, as most venues will have car parking available.


However the easiest, most convenient way to get to your activity is with our great-value transfer service. We’ll arrange for you to be picked up at your stag do hotel (or elsewhere if pre-agreed) and dropped off right on time, then when you’re done racing your return transfer will be there waiting for you. No worries about finding the way, or waiting around for buses, and you can have a few drinks afterwards too.


I don’t feel there have been enough jokes about helmets yet

Look, we get it alright. When we talk about helmets you’re thinking about private parts. Very good. But go karting is a serious business, and if you pull your helmet off without being told it’s okay to do so, you can expect a stiff talking-to from the venue staff, and when it comes to safety, they will ride you hard.

Cities offering Outdoor Go Karting

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