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Off-peak travellers in line for discounts

People who are heading overseas outside of the peak holiday season could be in line to get good discounts.

According to Nick Trend of the Telegraph, consumers who do not travel during the school holiday period could be able to get the best prices.

He predicted that holiday providers will cut prices at the last minute, which means late bookers may benefit from buying as late as they can.

This could be good news for people who may be heading abroad outside of the school holiday season, such as stag parties going on a weekend away.

Mr Trend commented: "It looks certain that this year there will be lots of late discounting outside peak periods."

He stated that if people leave their booking until less than six weeks before departure, they should be able to get cheap deals on both flights and accommodation.

This comes after Halifax suggested that Britons who are planning to head abroad, possibly for a holiday or stag weekend, could save money by travelling outside the eurozone.

Figures from the firm showed that the pound declined by 14 per cent against the euro between June and December last year.