Out of the Ordinary Stag Do Ideas

22 Mar 2013

Out of the Ordinary Stag Do Ideas

It’s no secret that with each stag weekend comes the need to better the previous one, especially if the same group of mates are going to be in attendance. While the idea of going paintballing every time one of your mates gets married may appeal to some, the stag himself will probably want his stag do to outdo the previous one. With this in mind I’ve picked three out of the ordinary stag do ideas for you to consider for some stand out stag do mayhem! Sky diving If you think running around in a field shooting paint pellets at each other is a bit tame then how about throwing yourself out of a plane? Nothing else will get the adrenaline flowing like free falling towards the ground at breakneck speed! You won’t need to worry about your lack of practice or training as you’ll be safely and securely strapped to a qualified instructor, who’ll make sure the important stuff all goes to plan, like opening your parachute at the right time and guiding you safely back down to terra firma. Find out more information on sky diving for your stag do. Capturing the event for posterity will be a skydiving camera man whose sole purpose is to document your fall, from plane to ground. The resulting video will make a great memento of the day, and if the stag cries all the way down then you just know it’ll be screened at some point on his wedding day! Who knows, you might enjoy it so much you'll end up filming freefall press releases. Shark fishing When you hear fishing you probably don’t think it’s anything out of the ordinary, and for a stag do idea it might seem pretty tame. Wrong, because SHARK FISHING is where it’s at! What could be better than trying to capture a great white?! Ok so perhaps you won’t be fishing for HUGE, man eating sharks but it’s a step up from catching two mackerel right? What’s better is that you can head out to Albufeira in The Algarve to do this, and what could be better than sitting on a boat in the blistering heat fishing for sharks. Who knows, if you land a decent sized catch you might need a bigger boat. Blind driving This last suggestion requires you to place an awful lot of trust in one of your friends, so it might not be for everyone! Blind driving is pretty much exactly what it sounds like; you have to drive a vehicle around a course while you’re blind(folded). There’ll be no point in using the whole mirror, signal, manoeuvre skills that you picked up as a learner driver, as all you’ve got to help you successfully navigate you around the course is a mate in the passenger seat. All I’ll say about this one is be glad the course you have to drive around isn’t situated on the edge of a cliff; else your mate would probably divert you over the edge ‘just for a laugh’. Find out where you can book some stag weekend blind driving here. So if you’re looking to book a stag weekend package that is a little out of the ordinary you could do a lot worse than to book up any of the three suggestions I’ve listed above. How crazy can you make your stag do?


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