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Paranoia Drinking Game

Paranoia Drinking Game

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Paranoia is a very uncomfortable feeling, but most of the time it is something that is in your head. Even if you are suspicious that you are the subject of a conversation it is not really sociably acceptable to find out, plus you will give away that you have been eavesdropping. You also look a fool if you make a scene only to find out your paranoia was misguided!

But a new drinking game is giving everyone the chance to scratch that itch and stop the paranoia… it will just cost a drink or two.

Paranoia, the drinking game, is a fun and simple game that plays off our natural urge to find out what others think of us, and makes us pay for it. It could be the perfect game to play on a stag do while you're warming up for a night out or waiting for a taxi.

So what are the rules and how do you play? The Stag Company have compiled a comprehensive guide for you and the lads to get started and truly make your mates paranoid!

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What do you need?

  • At least 3 people though the more the merrier.
  • Shots work best but you can play with beer too.
  • Paranoid mates with lots of banter.


How To Play

To start you need to find a good table where you can all sit around, this could be at your accommodation or on a bar crawl. There needs to be plenty of drink on hand too, ready for any refill emergencies!

The first player whispers a ‘who’ question into the ear of the person on the right. For example’ Who has the worst job here?’.

The person asked the question says out loud the name of the person they think is the answer.

That person, no matter where they are on the table, now has a decision to make. They can either find out the question that caused them to be the answer or they can play on and ask a new question.

If they want to find out the question though they have to drink for the privilege. This can be either a shot or five-second drink from something weaker like beer or cider.

There is no end to the game, but if the paranoia becomes too much for some people then you can call it quits.


What questions should you ask?


Of course, a lot of fun comes from the questions, so make sure you have some good ones up your sleeve. If you are struggling here are a few to get you started.


  • Who here has had the most sexual partners?
  • Who is the worst in bed?
  • Who here probably has a foot fetish?
  • Who here would cheat on their loved one?
  • Who in this room is most like a celebrity?
  • Who is the fakest person in the room?
  • Who do you think lies about the size of their junk or chest size?


So make sure you try this drinking game on your stag do if you think there are plenty of mates who will get paranoid and therefore drink!

We will start to come out with more drinking games, for your merry pleasure, so make sure to keep an eye out for some more.

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