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Party Playlists: Jordan

03 Jul 2015

Party Playlists: Jordan

Categories: Stag Do Music Playlists

It’s been a long time, some might say far too long, but we’re bringing back our Friday Party Playlists! After our Dad Jams article last week I felt that some more party playlists were needed. So up first we have ten top tunes from one of our sales team leaders; Jordan! Let’s get started on our journey through Jordan’s musical mind and get the weekend off to the right start.

1. Lights – Journey

First of all, I’m pleased that someone has actually picked a Journey song that isn't Don’t Stop Believing. Don’t get me wrong, I love that song but unfortunately Glee managed to nail that song into the public’s collective conscious with the gusto of a parent trying to show a non-parent pictures of their child. Lights is a good song though.

2. Fleetwood Mac – Go your own way

Ahhhh, Fleetwood. There is no denying they’ve provided the world with some of the finest, most well-crafted songs you’ll ever hear. This is off the album Rumours, which was written during a time of strained relationships within the band. A lot of fans still maintain this is when their best work was produced.

3. Girls and Boys - Good Charlotte

I remember when this record was released, and how much I loved it from start to finish. I find it hard to listen to now, but there are still some choice cuts (mainly the singles, which is almost always the case) that have some replay value. This is one of those; a simple verse and chorus that is almost too easy to remember, and pretty much guaranteed to get everyone singing along.

4. Blue – One Love

Jordan has an unashamed love for Blue, so much so that when I asked him to pick a playlist the only stipulation I gave him was that he could only pick one song by Blue. However, as with a lot of pop music it doesn’t really matter if you like the song or not, it’ll find its way into your head and you’ll be singing or humming along before you even know it!

5. Conor Maynard – Vegas Girl

From our home town of Brighton and Hove, Conor Maynard has a knack for slick pop songs that should see him stay around for years to come. This is a perfect example of what he does best, his ‘baby Timberlake’ vocals laid down over a slick production that is so smooth and polished you could slide along it in your socks as if it were the freshly waxed parquet flooring in your hallway.

6. Kelis – Accapella

TUNE ALERT! I always liked this song, and that fact that it was quite different to what Kelis had released before. It will also come as no surprise to you that this song was released on will.i.am’s record label, and was written and produced by, amongst others, David Guetta, the French DJ who has helped take House and EDM into the mainstream. The video is pretty cool as well

7. Rudimental – Waiting all night

This song was my summer song two years ago back in 2013, I just couldn’t get enough of it then, and when I hear it now it still makes me want to jump out of my seat and have a bit of a rave up. Yet another song that is incredibly well produced, with great vocals from Ella Eyre, who off the back of this song has had some moderate success. Looking forward to Rudimental’s second album with baited breath over here!

8. Dario G – Sunchyme

When this record starts with that distinctive piano loop you know immediately what song this is, even if you don’t actually know what the song is, if you get what I mean? By the time the chanted vocals and tin drums come in you’re well and truly hooked. So, all the hallmarks of a good song yet again. Jordan knows a good tune when he hears one.

9. Tom Petty – Free Fallin

Time to take it down again before the end of the playlist with another classic that Jordan has picked from the vaults. In fact, this song is probably a pretty good one to hear towards the end of a night out, when everyone will be more than up for a singalong before the night draws to a close.

10. Maverick Sabre – I Need

Maverick Sabre has an incredible voice, so I’m pleased to see one of his songs on here, and I feel it makes a fitting end to a really journey of a playlist. In fact, this really is a song that does all the talking for itself, so I'm just going to embed the video from YouTube and let you listen to it yourself.


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