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Quads and Rage Buggies in Bournemouth

Quads and Rage Buggies in Bournemouth

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Here’s one guy’s review of his stag activity in sunny Bournemouth this year. He’d picked the rage buggies and quad biking package and so we sent him and his group to our best supplier in the area. A super star venue that’s been providing group fun and frolics for years. So when we send our guys to them, they know how to put you through your paces!

“Bournemouth was a no brainer for the stag weekend. Mikey had met Sarah there whilst we were all at uni, so it made sense for us to go and kick about our old haunts, and reminisce about the trouble we caused as we waved goodbye to his freedom. We knew what bars and clubs we were going to go to so that was easy to sort out, but picking an activity was bit trickier. After speaking to a couple of the guys at The Stag Company they recommended the quads and rage buggies for us as we’re all quite fanatical about driving and love our four wheeled toys.

The stag company really know their suppliers. I’ve been to some stag dos where venues haven’t known we were supposed to be there, or have been a bit put out dealing with a rowdy stag group. They obviously send the place lots of guys through because the staff dealt with us really well and even though we’d still have a good time if the staff were a bit shitty, being treated well is always a nice touch.

We did the quads first, and most of us had done this before but it’s a good track and there are some areas which allow you to chug on the throttle and kick some speed out but it’s also got areas that really test the machines so you feel like you’re getting rough and dirty which is great.

The rage buggies were something totally new. I remember thinking I thought they looked like a car I’d once made from Meccano (what ever happened to Meccano?!). I thought the term “rage” was a bit ambitious but these cars fly like nothing else. Strong and lightweight they’re surprisingly fast and actually built for off-roading so expect plenty of bumps and you should be covered in mud by the end of it. The ones we had were rear wheeled drive and very easy to steer. The track was mostly dry and these little mean machines are very precise in their handling but when you hit the wet patches you were skidding all over the place which was brilliant.

Definitely recommend this package and Bournemouth is a great place, we had a super time and The Stag Company made sure we were well looked after, Thanks guys.”