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Advice from the other gender…  Is it really ok to go to strip club for your stag do?

Advice from the other gender… Is it really ok to go to strip club for your stag do?

Now I know what most of you are thinking, “Of course it is! It’s just a bit of harmless fun!” and to an extent that’s true however that’s probably not what she’s thinking. Because lets be honest, no women really likes the idea of her beau ogling a half-naked beauty gyrating around in front of him. She may say that she doesn’t mind but if given the choice - I’d guarantee that the majority of women would pick for you to do something else for your stag. I’m not saying that everyone women is like this but believe me, being one myself (and being friends with quite a fair few of them) most women don’t like the idea. Even if it’s harmless, even if it’s wasn’t your idea, even if the stripper looks like the wrong side of a horses arse (not that there’s a right side or anything…) – she’ll secretly be disappointed if you go. This doesn’t mean that she doesn’t trust you (she probably does) – no it’s all about territory and natural instinct. You’re her mate, her alpha male and (unless you have some kind of weird agreement) you are loyal to her only, which we all know goes without saying. However this strange instinct is sometimes measured by attractiveness (after all she wants to believe that you think she’s the most beautiful thing since canned beer) so if you’re seen seeking out (or heaven forbid – enjoying) the company of another women (be it stripper, Tesco cashier or dental hygienist) her natural instinct is to see your “harmless fun” as a threat, even if you and her have a relationship as strong as the diamond on her ring. So before you head off on your Budapest stag do (or wherever your going), spare a thought for your other half: she’s trying to be grown up and cool by letting you go off and get up to god knows what - without her.  All because she trusts you, so maybe skip the strip club and go jet skiing instead (we don’t recommend you do this at night though.) That way when you get back and tell her all about your stag weekend, she’ll be secretly pleased you stayed away from the dancers (plus she might even reward you for it!) If however, you couldn’t avoid the exotic pull of the ladies on the poles (don’t worry we don’t judge here at The Stag Company) then tell her about it, otherwise you'll just make it sound worse if you hide it. Hopefully you won't have taken it too far and when you explain this to her hopefully she'll understand!


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