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Snowboarding on your stag weekend

Snowboarding on your stag weekend

You may be sick to the back teeth of all of this snow that has brought the United Kingdom to a standstill, or you may be thinking, it is about time I went snowboarding. Well how about give it a go on a stag weekend this year?

It may be short notice to arrange a snowboarding stag activity in the current cold snap, but plan ahead for next winter, or alternatively guarantee yourself snow at one of our snow dome locations.

All year round you can enjoy the arctic conditions and try your hand at snowboarding, an activity that can leave you looking cool (sorry), or possible not if you spend half the time on your backside.

We can arrange indoor snowboarding on a Reading stag weekend, or a stag do in Amsterdam, but for the real thing head over in the winter to the ultimate stag capital, Riga. The Latvian city has become a Mecca for stag parties and with skiing and snowboarding just two of the adrenaline-rushing activities on offer here, it is not hard to see why.

Maintaining the Winter Olympics theme, we also have a number of bobsleigh related experiences on offer at our Eastern European destinations. Contact us for more information.