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Sophia's Adventure in Budapest: Bobsledding, Gun Shooting and River Cruise

Sophia's Adventure in Budapest: Bobsledding, Gun Shooting and River Cruise

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If you and your mates are looking for something a little bit different and want a break from the fast paced, alcohol fuelled weekend, then a bit of relaxing bobsledding fun in the country side of Budapest is perfect for your stag do. You’ll be rolling in Bob Bullets through meters upon meters of winding chutes and tracks surrounded by beautiful hills. You’re lovely, local guide will meet you at your accommodation and transfer your group to the Bobsledding venue, where you’ll each get multiple rides, a snack and a drink. Bobsledding isn’t just an activity performed in the winter Olympics, now you and your mates can give it ago and speed your way up to 40mph; that’s assuming you don’t hesitate and clampdown on the hand break.

After you’ve nursed those hangovers from last night with Bobsledding and some picturesque country views, you can take a trip out of the city and, as part of your fantastic package, you’ll get the chance to fire and feel the raw power of a real weapon! Gun shooting is one of the most popular Stag activities in the world, and it’s not a surprise and the Stag do is the opportunity for any male to indulge in their manly side. Each and every one of you has probably played cops and robbers at some point in your life, and now you’re old enough for the real thing. You will each get a real firearms experience with no firearms license needed! You’ll get to experience a range of weapons and guns after your instructor takes you through to safety procedures and aspects of shooting and aiming at the target sheets you’ll get to take home as a souvenir. After you can each enjoy a complimentary beer and then later you and the boys can compare your target shooting and see who’s got the best hand and who’s getting the drinks in all night!

Budapest Cruise

When you’ve been running about from one activity to the next, trying to cram in as much as possible in to your epic weekend, things can get a big hectic. So why not take a moment and slow things down a bit with a Budapest river cruise that gives you a slower, more relaxing approach to the city as you glide along the Danube in style. Now obviously the Stag do is all about making sure all the boys are having fun! So if you’re thinking "well, city sights and river cruises aren’t my thing", you can always include an on-board stripper. Your guide will accompany you aboard the dreamboat and you’ll be introduced to a Hungarian beauty, who will strip and dance. There’s also a bar on board so it’s a great way to start the evening and get yourselves in to the party mode. So it’s up to you how much you want to spice up the trip, just relax and take in the sights of the Hungarian capital, and a tasty Hungarian bombshell or totally stitch up the groom with a Roly Poly Show. (He might be expecting a gorgeous stripper but how will he react when the lovely lady arrives and blocks out the sun!?)

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