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Sophia's Experience With Paint and a Gun

Sophia's Experience With Paint and a Gun

It was time for me to get kitted out and armed with a paintball gun to let rip in the outdoors. This is an opportunity to let loose a round or two on your friends. It’s fair to say paintballing is the quintessential bucks do activity separating the men from the boys. You’ll be lock, loading and channelling your inner action hero as you dive head first in to the thrills of strategic combat. It’s the perfect ice-breaker for those that don’t know each other too well… who wouldn’t want to be shot at with a paintballing gun?

Set in the deep dark woods of Sussex on the 50 –acre site, you’ll be kitted out in full camo gear and then after a quick safety briefing you’ll be handed a state of the art paint gun with a hundred free paintballs and head off to play various games in various zones. Guns, grenades, and pyrotechnics are all used to make the experience as special as possible. There’s no doubt that you’ll have fun letting loose in this high-octane, action-packed activity. The crew at the venue will be informed that your group is part of a stag do and special stag games will be arranged. This includes the infamous ‘Stag Run’ and the well-known, ‘Capture the Flag’ in which your group will be ducking, diving a dodging to win that all important flag for the group. I quickly saw guys begin as friends and during the games and then kinship digressed into something other… ultra-competitiveness and brutal shots at each other, all executed with little shame.

All the Brighton paintball games are under natural cover and the sets are brilliant. Without realising, you’ll soon take on the role of an action hero and try every move you’ve ever seen in a film out on your mates. There’s a Barricade Field and even an abandoned plane game in which you’ll be dodging incoming fire and evading capture. You’ll have the chance for resurrection, so if you get shot you can just leg it back to base for a little bit of respite. This truly is the perfect event for a Brighton bachelor party.

Even if you’ve done it before, you’ll never fail to enjoy the game and it is an activity that the whole group is sure to enjoy. It’s a very physical activity, so make sure you bring clothes and shoes suitable for the occasion. There is a place in which you can buy food, though if you’re trying to be economical with your funds then take food with you! Money will be needed if you want to get some more balls as well. Safety gear will be provided, though if you want to layer up to reduce the sting of the paintballs, then this is advised. It DOES hurt.

You and your stag team can get down and dirty in this classic activity, perfect for larger or smaller groups of lads, you’ll soon find yourself diving in ditches and crawling in the thick undergrowth.


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