Sophia's Food Challenge and Night Out

29 Sep 2016

Sophia's Food Challenge and Night Out

The Man Vs Food Challenge in Brighton is certainly something a little different. It’s an activity that defines what stag do’s are all about, messy, indulgent and lawless! Does the stag in your group consider himself a champion eater? If you reckon he’ll be up for an almighty challenge of eating inordinate amounts of grub, then make sure you sign him up!

How Hungry Are You? 

This can get pretty messy as the food starts to fly about the place. Make sure you leave the challenger some space as he may become a little distressed when he starts to struggle. The rest of the group will get a beer and a burger to relax with and watch as the stag as he struggles his way through an absolute mountain of man food! Do you think you are bold enough to take on the ultimate feast challenge or will you end up on the wall of shame? It’s certainly not an activity suited to delicate eaters or those who are into refined dining. However, the challenge does give you great lad points and an Instagram snap.

If you’re in a city you’ve never been to before, it’s always an advantage to book a guided bar-crawl. This benefits you in many ways as entry costs are minimised, you get to visit multiple pubs and drinking dives and you can view the town with a tour guide who can inform you of the local hotspots for the rest of your weekend or later that evening. This activity is always immensely popular with our stags and it’s a great way to kick start the night. The bar crawl has been one of man's most cherished pastimes for years now and it ties in nicely with the food challenge as stomachs will be filled, awaiting the litres of beer to absorb.

Continue the Party... 

The amazing Brighton bar crawl guides will not only lead you around town to a series of great bars but will arrange for you all to have queue jump, wicked discounts and those all-important free drinks and shots. The girls will endeavour to get you to each venue for the right amount of time to maximise the experience of your night, while playing drinking games, dishing out challenges and forfeits. This activity can be based on you and your tastes, for example if you have a favourite style of music? or fancy something like an Irish bar? Just let the organisers know beforehand and the crawl can be tailored to your groups taste.

To wrap up the bar crawl the lovely, local ladies will take you down to Brighton beach and under the famous arches to one of the best clubs in town for queue jump and free entry to a night club. Brighton is a hedonistic city that is home to some of UK finest nightlife-by-the-sea. The party experts will make sure you get the best of Brighton’s stag do night time scene, as they know full well what’s hot and what’s not. So do you plan to party your pants off? Could this be a night to remember or in some cases, not to remember?



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