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Sporty Stag Weekend Ideas

A stag weekend is for some a very rare time when a group of mates can get together, so why not roll back the years and indulge is some kind of sporty competition just like you did back in college/university, or wherever you became stuck with each in friendship.

If you’ve been longing to get the lads together for a bit of ‘jumpers and goalposts’ down the park, but found their wives and girlfriends don’t let them out to play, well this is your chance.

Depending on your numbers a 6-aside match can be arranged on an all-weather pitch at most UK stag destinations, while many of our European venues arrange for a match to take place against a local team for added excitement.

The opportunity to drink in the bar afterwards is the best way to delay realising how many aches and pains you’ll have after your exercise.

For something easier on the limbs you could try a golf stag weekend which may be leisurely but still involves a fair bit of walking and the lure of the clubhouse does make it a challenge to go the distance. A golf activity is a great way of spending the day between two heavy night outs as the fresh air does wonders for hangovers.

Other sporting ideas include volleyball on the beach in coastal locations and finally to be controversial we also offer fishing experiences, but is this a sport? You decide.