Spotlight on Bournemouth stag weekends

08 Mar 2010

The Dorset seaside resort of Bournemouth is one that goes through many reinventions, from the favoured destination for the blue-rinse brigade to a clubbing paradise for the young and lively.

It has recently attempted to lure in surfers by trying to manipulate the waves and creating a Bournemouth Bondi Beach, although this apparently has not had much of an impact on surfing conditions.

However, if you are desperate for surf for your stag weekend you are always going to head down for a Newquay stag do and if you are not then Bournemouth has much more to offer. Here are five Bournemouth stag party ideas:


While surfing may still be out of the question it does not mean you should stay out of the water. Bournemouth is home to the heart pounding ZapCat experience which involves bouncing across the water at breakneck speed on a speed boat. You will need to hold on tight or you’ll regularly be going airborne during this fantastic adrenaline pumping activity.


Bournemouth plays host to one of the best paintballing sites in the South. The Dorset countryside provides a great backdrop to a battle zone that is terrifyingly realistic. You’ll quickly adopt an attitude of ‘kill or be killed’ in this highly tense and unspeakably exciting activity, which is perfect for a stag party especially as the centre is more than happy to stitch up the stag.

Lap Dancing

If you’ve not been down to Bournemouth in recent years, or not at all, you probably can’t imagine a lap dancing club here? Well, think again, this is no longer a town overrun by grannies so stags do not have to compromise on the traditional night time activity while they are here. Far from it, this is one of the most renowned lap dancing clubs in the south so it would almost be rude not to check it out.

Blind Driving

Doing something you’ve never done before is very important on a stag weekend and we are fairly sure not many of you will have done Blind Driving before. This consists of you driving a Land Rover off-road while being blindfolded. You must rely on your passenger for directions, in a genuine high stakes activity.

Comedy Club

Something else for the night time to finish our suggested activities. If the thought of being holed up in a pub or bar all evening doesn’t appeal to you or the rest of your stag party, the best alternative is to head to a comedy club. Those that want to be propped up by the bar can still do so, while you can all enjoy some guaranteed laughs to get everyone in the mood to party into the early hours.


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