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Stag Do Dare Of The Week: Get A Whole Pub Playing Beer Pong

Stag Do Dare Of The Week: Get A Whole Pub Playing Beer Pong

If you've ever been drinking at a house party with Americans then you'll more than likely already be aware of the ins and outs of this amazing drinking game. If not, then let us give you the low-down. Essentially, you arrange six cups at both ends of a long, thin table like in the picture above. Into each cup you pour beer. You then split into two teams and each attempt to throw a ping pong ball into the opposing team's cups of beer. Each time you succeed, they have to drink the contents of that cup. The aim is to continue playing until all of one team's cups have been drunk. And then you play again. After not very long, everybody will be feeling pretty boozy and will have had a great, competitive time doing it! So, this got us thinking about how we could create a stag do dare using this fun game. The answer is simple: you must get an entire pub playing beer pong with you! This could be fairly easy if you are enjoying a stag weekend in a local village pub but if you are in a busy town centre boozer it could be a little more difficult. The best way to get going of course is to choose a centrally-located table and just start. People will naturally gravitate to you on the promise of hasty drunkenness. Of course if you end up with twenty people on each team you'll need to get more cups of beer set up and you'll need to OK it with the landlord, but the good thing about beer pong is that it isn't too intrusive, adding to the atmosphere in a watering hole. If you are indulging in an Amsterdam stag do, for instance, then you could spice things up by splitting teams into locals versus visitors. The winning team has to buy drinks for the losing team for the rest of the evening, so plenty is at stake! Good luck people.


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