Want to go shooting for your stag weekend?

07 Nov 2014

Want to go shooting for your stag weekend?

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If you’ve never shot a gun before, then I honestly think you’re missing out! Because whether you agree with guns or not, visiting the shooting range is something you have to try at least once in your life –just to make sure - like Marmite if you will. So if you’re thinking about enjoying some shooting during your stag weekend but you aren’t entirely where to go, then let me enlighten you with the what you get, and where you can get the best bang for your buck.

The Blighty option – Brighton

If you don’t fancy leaving the country but still fancy shooting something then I’m not going to lie, it’s going to be a bit trickier: the firearm laws here are stricter in the U.K. than they are in the E.U. Not all hope is lost though, because you can still shoot things and the best place to do that is in the form of clay pigeon shooting in Brighton.  Admittedly, it’s not quite the same as actual target practice but in England this is really the best you’re gonna get. So get ready to aim and pump lads (a*hem) because despite the fact that you won’t be shooting pistol, the moving clay targets will add a layer of excitement to this shooting experience that you just don’t get with stationary targets.

The classic option - Prague

Ah Prague, long has it been the land of stag dos and cheap beer. Not that you should have any beer before you shoot anything (for the record that, that is definitely not o.k.) Because you’re going to need all your concentration for this, after you’ll get the option to fire lots of different types of firearms. Whenever we send stags away we’re told that the AK-47’s are quite an experience. Saying that, if you choose to go to Prague then I highly recommend you book to shoot the Saiga and Scorpion SA 6: it’s one of the only places in the E.U. where you can legitimately shoot these firearms. Plus (when you’re done shooting) did I mention the beer is cheap? No? Well it is. So once you’ve had a good go firing at targets, you can grab a celebratory pint afterwards to hit that the spot.

The insider option - Tallinn

I love a good weekend of shooting, and whenever I go with my friends we go to Tallinn. Why? Because (for those in the know) Tallinn is the best kept secret when it comes to a shooting weekends.  Whenever I go, I book our Locked & Loaded package as it gives you plenty of shooting for your sterling. The package lets you get to shoot a Smith & Wesson, Magnum, Glock, Winchester short gun and an AK-47. Bullets are limited though which is why I always take some extra cash to buy some additional bullets too.  In fact, if you take away anything from this article then make sure you remember that because once you’ve had a go you’ll want more. So bring some extra moola so you can buy more ammo.

The blasting on budget option – Sofia

Hopefully not the name of your ex (or the stags ex) the capital of Bulgaria is a secret haven for stags who know when to book to get the good deal(s). The shooting ranges are well equipped and it’s still a lot better than you can get in the U.K. For example you’ll be able to shoot actual firearms and not just pump action shotguns (clay pigeon shooting.) So whether you’ve always fancied yourself of an M16 kind of man or a Walter PP kind of gent there’s plenty to choose from and the best part? A well planned stag party in Sofia won’t break the bank.  Believe me when I say that this is a cheap thrill of the best kind!




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