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A Stag Do In Riga to Remember

Riga is now one of the most popular destinations for stag weekends abroad at The Stag Company, in this blog we'll take a look at why that is and how you can make the most out of your time stag do in Riga of incredible nightlife in a picturesque location.

Stags started visiting this Latvian capital around the time the country joined the European Union in 2004, which caused flight costs to be at an all-time low. With its cheap alcohol and beautiful Eastern European lady-folk, there were no shortage of reasons to visit this city, which has a high population of Russian citizens. Fortunately, The Stag Company is well-equipped to deliver exceptional stag weekends abroad in the city with our many contacts offering some fantastisks deals. (That's Latvian for fantastic, don't you know?)

We have a very beautiful team of Stag Angels who are just waiting to show you the best sights of this ancient city - a crack squad of beautiful women who are experts in the field of having a wonderful time - they aren't bad to look at, either.

Activities are an integral part of throwing the perfect stag party and Riga is well-stocked. Your itinerary should be bursting at the seams for adrenalin, for sight-seeing, for getting completely ruined - we've got something for every taste, look hither:

Unique Activities

Want to capture that experience of jetting off for a European Champions League fixture? You can set up a fixture against a local Latvian side to really infuse your Riga stag weekend with team spirit. Kidnap the Stag is another self-explanatory addition to a stag weekend with your groom-to-be thrown into a car by masked kidnappers and driven away - a splendid stag prank that promises hilarity. You could also get into the Winter Olympic spirit with a bob-sleighing experience that promises cool runnings for your stag.


We also are pleased to offer ready-made packages if you want to take a simple approach to organising your stag weekend, the following includes 2 nights of accommodation, a guided pub crawl at the hands of the afore-mentioned Stag Angels and VIP entry into a top Riga nightclub, specially recommended by yer boys 'ere at The Stag Company.

The Riga Firearms Package

This package lets you go one further than that loveable scamp Ashley Cole, who once opened fire on a work experience kid with an air-rifle, as you hold the actual thing in your hands. Feel the power of a Makarov or Glock pistol followed by a Kalashnikov assault rifle - if that doesn't get your adrenalin flowing, congratulations - you are a robot. Followed by a visit to a lapdancing club, this package really puts the hairs on your chest, as it were.

So come, visit the stag weekend Riga page of our website to see some of our hottest deals, packages and activities we're serving up in this epic location - put together your ideal weekend and get in touch. It'd be rude not to, really.