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Stag group have lucky escape in Newquay

One of the appeals of Newquay stag weekends is the adrenaline rushing activities on offer, but for one stag party they had an adrenaline rush they had not bargained for.

The group of six men, which included two grooms, had a lucky escape after the lift that was taking them to their hotel rooms got stuck before crashing to a small cove at the base of Newquay cliffs under the hotel.

After being told to be patient by staff after the lift got stuck it plummeted 100ft down the shaft with the doors stuck open. When it crashed on the bottom floor the doors were buckled and the men were unable to get out.

The beach was cut off by water so rescuers had to be transferred to the scene by two inshore lifeboats and after the help of 85 emergency service workers including firefighters, paramedics, police and coastguards the group were finally rescued.

One of the group suffered a torn calf muscle, but the other five still managed to get to the pub in the evening as planned.

Groom Neil McCracken, 42, said: ''Stag dos are supposed to be a bit of an adventure and a crazy time but we weren't expecting this.

''We got in the lift but it got stuck and they told us to be patient and tolerant and they'd wind it down and have us out. Then all of a sudden, with the doors still open, the lift suddenly started dropping."

He added: ''We were lucky no-one was seriously hurt or killed and five of us managed to get to the pub as planned.''