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We Got The Numbers!

We Got The Numbers!

What a scorcher of a weekend then, eh? We spent all of our Saturday outdoors doing manly stuff like drinking on the beach, grilling meat on a barbecue and, ahem, looking after a baby tortoise. There's a few tanned/peeling (delete as appropriate) faces making up the numbers in the Stag Co. office now, so it was something clearly enjoyed by all. As mentioned on Friday, a few of us (myself not included unfortunately) headed off to Wales on a Cardiff stag weekend for one of our party expert's impending marriage/life in chains (once again delete as appropriate). You may remember that we suggested a dare for you to try on your weekends away, involving getting as many girls' numbers as possible whilst outdoors. Sean and the boys here promised us that they would give it a go in Cardiff and although details (and accompanying photos) are thin on the ground at this early stage, we thought we'd share the results with you. It would appear that the tactic of choice was one of my personal faves over the years: the smoking area. The great thing about the smoking area is that it is full of people guaranteed to have something in common, i.e.: smoking, therefore you can usually spark a conversation with a lady by simply asking for a lighter. This produced sensational results for our Jim, with six numbers coming his way like this on the first night! Sean, the stag, languished behind with just the one, but maybe that was because he was conscious of the missus finding out! We promise to bring you photographic evidence/more details as we get them, but do bear in mind that as the group is still in the Welsh capital and quite possibly nursing mega-sized hangovers, we are going on text messages and drunken phone calls at present. Stay tuned for more dares for stag parties later this week!


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