Stag parties could get the train to ski slopes

02 Nov 2009

While those organising UK stag weekends with a ski theme could opt for a day out at one of the numerous indoor snow slopes, some may decide to head to a European resort for a short break.

However, rather than travel by air, stag party guests could follow the growing number of skiers choosing to travel by train, according to Rail Europe.

Media relations manager Amanda Monroe explained that the appeal of low-cost flights is waning and many are turning to rail.

"People don't want the hassle of the long check-in, the extra costs of taking their skis and it costs more if you go with someone like Ryanair where everything is an added cost," she said.

Ms Monroe revealed trains do not charge extra for equipment and said this was a major draw for those heading to the slopes.

She added that French resorts with good train stations are popular choices, while Switzerland also has a number of train-friendly destinations.

The comments follow the Ski Club of Great Britain annual Snowsports Analysis report, which revealed that the popularity of trains has increased for the past three years.

Stag parties in the UK could also head to the indoor snow slopes in Glasgow, Milton Keynes and Leeds.


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