Stag Party Playlists #11: James

25 Apr 2014

Stag Party Playlists #11: James

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This Friday’s Party Playlist is a very special one, because we’ve got our very own self-proclaimed Lord, James Golbey, stepping up to the Stag Company wheels of steel with a solid selection of top tunes! James is our Sales Team Leader, meaning that he is responsible for helping out our Party Planners, getting them enthused and generally keeping a tight and steady ship. James asked if he could choose a playlist for the blog after reading Matt’s, so let’s see if he can top his housemate’s choice. It won’t be easy though; Matt dropped a pretty decent playlist on us last time around, but let us just see what we’ve got here: 1. Drake - Headlines: You pour the first drink or grab the first corona from the fridge and get ready for your night out to this song. 2. Trey Songz - Say Aah: You are up for going out, everyone is hyped, this is the point you hope the club is going to be full of hot girls and that you'll be on for the best night ever. 3. Britney Spears - Till The World Ends: This is the pump up point, before you shower you hit a couple of press ups and time on resistant tubes to get the pump on. You gotta do this or else there is no point in stepping out the door! 4. Labrinth feat. Tinie Tempah - Earthquake: This song brings the end of the pump up and makes you super pumped!! It’s the time when you down the drink you have and get another!! 5. Chris Brown - Forever: This is the song that’s on whilst you have a shower and put some moisturizer on. (If you are Keith (our Marketing Manager) you pluck your eyebrows.) 6. Swedish House Mafia - Miami 2 Ibiza: This is the time you start to get dressed and make sure that you're looking your best. Watch on, belt on, it's all coming together. 7. Linkin Park / Jay-Z - Numb/Encore: This is the time to do the first shots of the evening, if you haven't already. If you've already started on the shots? Stupid question, just have another one. 8. Drake - Take Care: This makes you ask yourself if it’s a good idea to go to a strip club or a casino but guess what? You'll end up doing it anyway! 9. - Bang Bang: This is the song that makes you feel like a gentleman, it puts you back in the 1920's and suddenly you get an urge for a Martini. 10. Calvin Harris featuring Tinie Tempah - Drinking from the Bottle: This is the sign off song, this is time to finish the vodka in the bottle, down the beers and do a final shot of patrone before jumping into the taxi and heading to the club.

Naughty playlist from James, be sure to turn this one up loud. In fact, it's not such a playlist and more of a journey! You can also take a look at our previous Party Playlists here too, have a great weekend and keep this and our other playlists on heavy rotation!


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