Stag Weekends go Wild in Eastern Europe

28 Nov 2008

Stag Weekends go Wild in Eastern Europe

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Brides and grooms to be on pre-wedding hen and stag holiday breaks have made Eastern European countries like the Czech Republic a hotspot for British revellers needing help diplomatic assistance the Foreign Office has said.

Officials in the British Embassy based in the historic Czech capital city Prague get a "disproportionate number" of requests concerning lost passports, hospital visits and arrests from people on stag and hen weekends.

More British holidaymakers misplace their passports in the Czech Republic each year than in Greece, France and Portugal combined. And more need hospital treatment in the Eastern European country than in Germany, yet Germany receives three times less British visitors than the Czech Republic.

Cheap flights, low holiday costs and the country's new, liberal stance on soft drugs are all contributing factors to the city's appeal as a stag weekend destination. The city is now even catering to the gay stag weekend market in light of new civil partnership laws across Europe. "It's great to see Eastern European countries being more broad minded!" said supermarket employee William E, 22 from Brighton on a Stag weekend in the run up to his civil partnership ceremony.

Over quarter of a million Britons holidayed in the Czech Republic in 2005 the Foreign Office estimates in it's report: "British Behaviour Abroad". The report blames the rise in nationals needing help in the country on it's popularity as a destination for stag and hen weekends.

Meg Munn, a Foreign Office Minister said: "Simple precautions such as researching your destination, comprehensive travel insurance, reading up on medical requirements and making copies of important documents will help in avoiding common travelling traumas, risks and dangers."

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