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Suit Trends For 2017

Suit Trends For 2017

Categories: Wedding Advice For Men

It seems hard to believe 2016 is almost over, but it's time to say hello to the new 2017 Men's fashion trends. Top of our list is the suits (being close to the wedding industry and all), therefore we have asked a number of fashion designers and influencer's in the industry for their top advice on how to look amazing in a suit next year, whether for your stag night or for your wedding.


Thin Isn't In

Over the last few years everyone seems to have headed down the 'Topman look', donning suits they could barely breath in, at super slim-fit sizes. This looked great around the waist, but could also look daft when applied incorrectly. Well slim fit isn't exactly gone, but the trend is moving towards a slightly more relaxed fit.

It will be back to the days of using a finger under the lining, between your stomach and the suit, to see if it fits properly. Wider lapels will become more commonplace, but skinny lapels will still remain popular with the young folk.


Longer Trousers

The movement towards a more classic cut over a slim fit has had a knock-on effect with longer trousers being worn. You have undoubtedly spotted flocks of hipsters in Shoreditch with their short trousers on, flashing their brightly coloured spotty socks. Well, they will no longer be the kings of fashion (please someone tell them), as the masses flock to a longer and wider trouser style.


Blue Is Back

The number one colour for wedding suits in 2016 was blue, and we're expecting the exact same over the next 12 months. The trick is to have your groomsmen in a slightly lighter blue, while you go for an electric blue. This will make you stand out among the group and look like the ring leader (hey, it's your special day as well). We like the Dobell range of blue suits, as they look incredibly classy at a very affordable price. 


Mixing It Up

We have entered crazy times. Black is white, up is down and suit textures and colours are being mixed in all directions. It definitely stands out, however it offers a more relaxed appearance, so better for a night out than for a wedding. A popular combination in recent times has been to place charcoal trousers with a navy blue blazer. 

But why stop there, why not mix up stripes and patterns. Just be careful, it will be very easy to look like you bought the wrong trousers.


The Knitted Polo Shirt

A number of the catwalks had these placed over shirts, while this is proving a popular option if wearing a suit during the colder months, placed between the suit and the shirt. If you decide to invest in one, stick to a solid colour, so it can be applied more flexibly to other items. Avoid the brand being on-show or being too large, as this will also take away from the overall look.


Stay Away From The Cray Cray

Pretty much every designer has recommended staying away from the slightly more unusual and over-the-top colours which seem to appear on dads at the wedding after party, blinding people with the luminous colours. This goes the same with some of the odd patterns starting to appear. We love a good pin stripe or a casual pattern, but if they are too OTT then they will look like you're after the clown trend.



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