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The (not so) Great British Proposal

The (not so) Great British Proposal

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Whether its a ring hidden in a glass, a dancing proposal or on big screen at a sports game, we are always hearing of romantic ways to propose to our loved one. We thought it would be interesting to find out just how romantic us Brits are, so we surveyed over 1,000 women to find out how their husbands proposed to them. The results were very interesting, as can be seen in the infographic below: The results were incredibly interesting. The number of proposals around Christmas is phenomenal, however Valentines was always going to be a peak period. If you're partner offers to take you to Paris and you've been dating for a few years, you better prepare yourself for wedding bells as evidence seems to be showing your in for a big surprise (or maybe not such a big surprise if you've been waiting a while). The quantity of alcohol in the system seems to have a direct correlation to guys getting down on one knee. Now we aren't saying correlation means causation necessarily, however watching an episode of the Big Bang Theory would show you the amount of times Leonard proposed to Penny while consuming a few too many sherries. While there seems to be a highly successful rate in fast food restaurants, I guess this states the type of people in the relationship. Not to sound cruel, but the disappointment on my face if I was chewing a burger while offered a hand in marriage, it would be disastrous. Then again, understanding your partner is the most important aspect and if your partner adores fast food, then you might have found the fast way to their heart. Roses seem to be the go-to flower, with sales always shooting through the roof around Valentines day. This is an area that the men of Britain should step out of the norm and enquire about their partners favourite flowers, albeit a decent amount of time beforehand. The surprise on their face to see their favourite flowers, something only that one person may know about, can add such a personal touch. Via the internet proposals have been shooting through the roof, so it probably won't be long until we start seeing Vegas style quickie online weddings! If you do decide to take the leap online, maybe decorate the background of pictures of the two of you, with some candles setup and flowers out. They might not be their to witness the effort made, but they will be able to observe it all over webcam. Show them you will make an effort every day from start till end with these extra touches and you will have her blushing and yelping with joy. How did you break the magic words to your partner? We would love to hear, so please email them in or send them to us socially and we would love to feature you on the site. Even better, if you have a video, please do send it through! So how should you propose?

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