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Top 3 things to do on a Riga stag do

Top 3 things to do on a Riga stag do

It’s no secret that the UK has been in recession for a while now and whilst the media has painted it out to be all doom and gloom. We here at The Stag Company are determined to keep the fun-filled, party spirit alive and well – regardless of the economic climate!

However we appreciate that not everybody can blow out on super expensive stag do packages. So to help our brothers who are watching their wallets, we've had a look to see which of our destinations is the most affordable and after some basic maths and several stag stories later – Riga proved triumphant. Why? Well, it’s got great activities, the flights are cheap, the drinks are even cheaper and the country is packed with gorgeous girls!

Riga Base Stag Weekend Package from £75pp

Hands down the most affordable stag weekend that we offer: for the price of a pair of jeans (well a decent pair anyway) you and your mates could fly off to Riga to enjoy a weekend of alcohol induced clubbing. Our package includes pre-paid entrance into a lap dancing club, a dance club, airport transfers (to and from), a guided bar crawl and 2 nights stay in 3* hotel. Seriously, what’s there to debate!? Book it now.

Riga on the Pull Stag Weekend Package from £115pp

Sexy strippers and shooting… not at the same time though (that sounds like concentration hazard waiting to happen!) This combo is an all-time favourite with blokes going on a Riga stag and who can blame them? Stags on this package get a choice of a Makarov or Glock (Russian or UK standard police issue) pistols followed by a Kalashnikov assault rifle to shoot. They also get pre-paid entrance into a lap dancing club, a guided bar crawl, airport transfers (to and from) and 2 nights stay in 3* hotel.

Riga Bobsleigh Stag Weekend Package from £125 pp

If you’ve never been bobsleighing then you are missing out in life. So as a service to stag kind, we created this affordable package so that every bloke out there could get a chance to experience this thrilling activity. Each participant gets 2 rides. The sleigh is not piloted and can take 5 participants at a time. Plus we’ve even thrown in 2 nights stay in 3* hotel, pre-paid entrances into a lap dancing club, a guided bar crawl and airport transfers to and from so you don’t have to worry about how you’re going to get there and back.


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