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Tourists told to look for best exchange rates

Tourists told to look for best exchange rates

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Britons who are planning a trip abroad have been encouraged to look to destinations with the best exchange rates.

The Post Office stated that the declining strength of the pound is impacting on the price of trips to eurozone countries such as Spain.

Therefore, it has recommended that cost-conscious leisure travellers consider heading to locations where the euro is not used.

For example, Thailand was said to be 41 per cent cheaper than Spain and nearly 50 per cent less expensive than Italy.

As a result, visitors to the Asian nation could find that their money goes a lot further, particularly on essentials such as meals and drinks.

Andrew Spice, spokesperson for Post Office Travel Services, said: "Despite its recent troubles, Thailand remains a great prospect for UK holidaymakers."

He added that the discounts available in hotspots such as Phuket mean that the country offers "unbeatable value".

According to the Association of British Travel Agents, the pound slumped by nearly a third against the euro and dollar last year.