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Tyre Squealing Driving Stag Weekends

If it runs on four wheels, us guys pretty much want to have a go at breaking limits, pushing barriers and seeing what can be done whilst showing our vehicles whose in control. Driving stag weekend activities take all of your 4 wheel fantasies (well, almost all of them) to the extreme.  We have a whole host of driving activities from speeding round tracks to ripping up the countryside in 4 wheeled drive.  We have tons of driving venues up and down the country so no matter where you're thinking of going, we can usually find a great place for you to scratch that automobile itch. Here are our top five most asked for driving stag activities.


This is a very popular stag weekend activity. Surprisingly fast, you also have the added benefit of being able to do this activity and not needing a scrub down shower afterwards. These four wheeled low riding karts handle well and can rack up some speed when you get your foot down, which is essential when you're battling it out for pole position on the track. Depending on where you choose to do this activity you'll either be indoors or outdoors, but both are just as competitive and exciting.

Quad Biking

A bit more rough and tumble than the quad bikes but no less fun. These four wheel grunting machines were made for difficult terrains and our stags are always amazed at the power and handling that these beasts have. You'll be able to take on some pretty crazy ditches and if you manage to find a clear stretch then pump that throttle and see how fast they can go. This is a great activity if there's been some rain as you splash kneed deep through puddles and embrace all the obstacles nature has to throw at you.

4 x 4 Off-Roading

Named after the number of wheels that received power from the engine, these vehicles don't mess about when it comes to traversing tricky terrain. We have a number of different activities with these vehicles and you can either have a lesson in driving one yourself or taking the passenger seat, well, gripping onto the passenger seat for dear life as an instructor takes you round the course and shows you what off roading is all about. An unforgettable stag weekend activity.

Mud Buggies

Like the name suggests, expect a bit of mud to go flying with these slip sliding nippy  vehicles. They might look small and as though they've been put together out of a Kinder egg, but don't let that fool you. these machines are sturdy and go so fast they look like they're flying across the ground. Expect the course to be full of challenges, bumps and twists to test your control of these super cool little buggies.

Rally Driving Weekends

Put some growl into your stag weekend with a rally driving experience. This is what we dream about when we're driving our own cars, so don't risk getting points on your licence and  try out all those skidding sliding moves without fear of the police!