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Unusual Stag Do Locations

02 Aug 2023

Unusual Stag Do Locations

Last year the number one stag do destination was Bournemouth, while this year it has so far been pipped by Newcastle. But what if you don’t want to go to the same destination as everyone else?

Many of our enquiries are for a stag do location a little more unique, where you won’t end up on a ‘stag strip’ clubbing street and will have a unique memory you can forever share with your mates.

Sometimes the unique destination is dictated by the one-of-a-kind activities available in the location, but we will go through some of the best options available to you.

Bath Stag Do

This destination was a top seller for hen parties, but it simply hasn’t gathered the same interest for stag groups, never once making the top 30 selling destinations over the past 20 years.

However, if anyone in the stag group has visited Bath, they will instantly tell you it is one of the best places to visit in the UK.

Being in that part of the country, you also have some unique activities to try such as West Country Games, including plenty of hilarious activities such as welly wanging and drunk pub skittles.

You could find yourself paddle boarding through the day, or playing some paintball, before going for some live comedy in the evening, the perfect way to spend the weekend!

Bratislava Stag Do

If you’d rather head abroad, then Prague and Budapest are certainly the most popular. But when trying to avoid masses of stag groups, you may want to head a little further afield, such as Bratislava, the capital of Slovakia.

Known for great tasting beer at very low prices, the Danube river flowing through, bizarre bronze figures everywhere and a stunning historic old town.

The city can easily be walked around, so you don’t have to worry about constantly tacking public transport, while the nightlife is known as some of the best in Europe.

If the group love taking to water then white water rafting is a brilliant option to get the adrenaline pumping through the veins.

You can also take a beer bike through town, allowing you to explore and see the city while enjoying a few cheeky tipples.

Hamburg Stag Do

Turn back to the 60’s and the Beatles spent quite a bit of time in Hamburg, performing 6 nights a week, while it was seen as their ‘apprentice’ before they become globally renowned. So, you can expect a few Beatles sights and activities if you do visit.

Germany is a big location for stag weekends, but the majority take place in Berlin or Munich, whereas Hamburg is still relatively calmer when it comes to wild weekends.

There seems to be an eve increasing number of escape rooms popping up in Hamburg, great to help the group bond as you tackle the mission to escape in just 60 minutes.

We also couldn’t go without mentioning you could have lunch at Hooters, do you need any other reason to visit? A burger and beer with curly fries served by a hot waitress, yes please.

The area has a brilliant market place, a huge amount of cultural and historical sights, as well as brilliant nightlife.

Before booking, make sure to take a look at the Hamburg stag accommodation we have available to book. We ensure that the venues are ‘stag friendly’, meaning you don’t have to worry about getting rejected when the groom is wearing a pink tutu.

Barcelona Stag Do

When you envision a stag do, you think of a wild group of lads drinking big in a party city, but Barcelona offers something a little different (don’t worry, it’s still one of the best cities in Europe for nightlife).

You can all crack up in the Big Fun Museum, including plenty of bizarre items, such as a giant bowl of soup. It takes around one hour to walk around this venue, while the group will definitely get some funny snaps in here.

You can also visit Paradiso, a speakeasy bar behind a Pastrami store front, where you can have funky cocktails in a stunning setting.

But one of the most hilarious activities we offer is the Go Car City Tour, where you can tour the city in a big group in your little electric mini-cars, with a voice guide cracking jokes the entire time.

One of the most popular options (even if you are looking for something more unusual) is a boat party in Barcelona, which can either be private or in a bigger group, meaning plenty of drinks and jumping in with the GoPro in hand. There will even be a DJ on-board to blast out the tunes, plus a bar area, on the 2 hour cruise.

York Stag Do

When you think of York, you might think of the castle, the shambles or the Minster. What you may not know is they apparently have enough pubs for days of the week (don’t take that on as a challenge, that’s too many pints).

Of course, you can always hire some ‘barcrawl bunnies’ to lead you around all the bars and arrange the drinks for the group, while wearing barely anything.

You could have a game of mini-golf, or try a cruise on the Ouse, or you could try some of the craft beer venues they have, many which serve great food as well.

Of course, Bath is still home to all of the most popular activities, such as go-karting, paintballing, bubble football and clay pigeon shooting.

Unusual Stag Do Ideas

When it comes to unique activities, there are plenty you could try that may catch the group by surprise, highlighted below:

Rabid Dog Chase

Take a watch of our video to get an idea of what would be in store for you (or the groom)! Available in one location, Riga, where the groom will get fully coated in padding before the former police dog is set free on your best pal.

This brilliant prank activity is certainly not for the feint hearted, this is a hysterical way to have a few laughs at his expense.

Of course, if the group are brave enough, they can all give it a try and put on the padding before the dog is set free again. Normally there are a few extra brave souls who give this a try.

We released this activity a number of years ago, before it was quickly featured on Unilad, making this fast become a popular prank activity.

Binocular Football

Visit our page and you will see someone on the video tripping up on his own feet and missing the ball repetitively, that’s me (Tom), so I can personally state this activity was incredibly entertaining and left the group in stitches of laughter.

You will be wearing goggles that affect your vision in slightly different ways, such as thinking the ball is much closer, or everything being upside down, leaving you desperately trying not to trip over while playing a game of football.

Some of the goggles are definitely harder, so make sure to check them out quickly before giving the worst ones to the groom.

You will have a coordinator run the match and a number of silly games to keep the whole group laughing, whether they’re playing or watching. This is an ideal ice-breaker game to get everyone bonding before the beers start flowing.

Car Smash

Exactly how it sounds, head on over to Amsterdam for the chance to beat the hell out of a car with various weapons (completely legal, don’t worry).

Using anything from a baseball bat to a sledgehammer to smash in the windows, the mirror and the car body, the group can take out all of their frustration on this lump of metal.

Located in a scrap yard, you will get a perfect conditioned car to dismantle, while you can always ask the coordinator to film or take photos as you take on a movie role.


So if you’re currently in the process of booking your bachelor party, make sure to have a read through all of the unusual locations and activities we have on offer. Oh, and don’t forget to take a look through our stag do accommodation, including hotels, villas and apartments, all of which we’ve worked with closely to ensure they’re happy for a big group of lads to stay.


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Tom Bourlet

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