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Where To Go On Your Stag Do In 2018

08 Jan 2018

Where To Go On Your Stag Do In 2018

 It is a bright new year and many of you will be looking to book a stag weekend in 2018. Like any other travel-based industry we notice trends and fashions for our destinations. Some of you will have a city you know you want to visit written in stone, but many will be looking for a helping hand.

This post aims to show you what’s trending at the moment and where to find the perfect place for your 2018 stag do. We have tried to select locations that you might not have considered before and some which have become increasingly popular with our customers.




Riga is not as well known as its more famous Eastern European stag destinations, but it arguably has the widest choice of things to do out of all of them. It does this while still keeping all the costs down as any good eastern European city should.

The city is relatively small at 700,000 people, but that still makes it the biggest city in the Baltics. This means it is super easy to get around and the walks between bars are short! You will love travelling by foot too because the city is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and its architecture is renowned all over the world.

Going here for a stag weekend is a great choice all year round. The country is at the crossroads of Eastern Europe and the Nordics, meaning winter here definitely involves a white Christmas. This doesn’t mean it can’t be a great stag weekend during a cold snap. The city caters to many winter-themed activities including bobsleigh and snowmobiles. In the summer you have all your stag favourites like paintball, go-karting and Quad Bikes too.

Being in Eastern Europe Riga benefits from a bit less red tape and has more of an open mind when it comes to entertaining stags. If you are looking for unusual or extreme activities, then Riga has it. You can bungee jump directly from a cable car if heights are no issue. The Rabid Dog Chase will see the stag try to outrun a trained police dog!

Perhaps its most unique activity, however, is the experience of spending a night in a former KGB prison complete with grim conditions as an inmate. It is not for everyone but if you are looking for something memorable then this could be it!

Whatever type of stag weekend you're looking for Riga can accommodate.




While not as exotic as getting on a plane, Snowdonia is still pretty far away for most and boasts just as many exciting things to do as anywhere else. It is the place in the UK for those who love to get outdoors and therefore also those stag parties who like to get muddy. Situated in North Wales you will be spoilt with incredible landscapes.

The national park is known for its mountainous terrain and it is here that it becomes a stag party’s playground. If you like the extremes of heights or depths you’re well covered here. Ziplining will see you soar over the land with only a wire stopping your fall. It is the safest way to experience flying! If you like the dark, then you can even experience this zipline underground! One of the quirkiest options is Bounce Below which is a series of intricately placed trampolines built into caves and fantastically lit up. It truly is a one of a kind experience.




When you think of Germany you often think about Berlin or Munich as the cities to visit. Too often stag groups are overlooking some great alternatives in Germany, that can sometimes offer even more than the classics. One of those cities is Dusseldorf.

Dusseldorf has all the benefits of a German excursion without worrying about huge crowds of tourists. The city is also home to just as many interesting things to look at than any other. You will find famed German beers here too, along with the meat-heavy diet.

Germany is a car-mad country and in Dusseldorf, you are not too far away from where Michael Schumacher grew up. The go-kart track here is named after him and you can race each other and channel your inner Lewis Hamilton on the track. If you fancy something a bit wackier, then drift trikes are super fun to drive and skid around every corner providing a challenge just to stay up as well as race.

Dusseldorf is also a paradise for adventure hunters. A short drive from the city will see you in the beautiful German countryside. Here you can have a go at white water rafting, a fantastic team activity perfect for stag parties. Dusseldorf is also home to one of Europe’s best indoor snow centres providing a much cheaper alternative to the alps for a bit of skiing. You can even stay afterwards and enjoy some Après Ski vibes.




There is no denying that some stag weekends demand the sun and sand like any other holiday. In the past that has traditionally been the domain of Spain. The sun-kissed towns of Benidorm or Marbella are a particular favourite among Brits. That trend is changing however.

Albufeira is a town on the southern tip of Portugal and as such boasts just as much sun as the next town. Portugal is also satisfyingly cost effective and so while Spain becomes more unaffordable it is nice to have an alternative that doesn’t involve any extra travel. A stag weekend in Lisbon is cheaper than Madrid for example.

What makes our stag weekend in Albufeira is the town's relationship to the beach and sea. You can charter a boat for instance and hit the high seas with your stag group, partying like millionaires for the afternoon. If you’re after an adrenaline rush then wakeboarding could be the answer as you are pulled by a speedboat, reaching frightful speeds and fighting off the boat’s backwash while doing so.

With every year Albufeira becomes a more popular stag escape and 2018 will be no different.




We all love those Eastern European cities which promise everything a stag could desire and more. The price of the drinks also make them an epic choice for a night out and whether it is Prague or Budapest you will be in good company. For 2018 however, we have another city for your consideration, Bratislava.

Bratislava is the capital of Slovakia and is a two-hour plane journey from London. It is relatively small with 500,000 people, so it means no matter where you go everything is within arm’s reach. The city is rich in history and looks incredible from every angle thanks to the buildings within it. At its core, Bratislava is situated on the river Danube and it plays a large part in what makes this city so special.

Thanks to its place outside the political correctness of Britain you can experience some of the more extreme stag activities. If stag humiliation is the name of the game, then you can achieve this with something like a stag fake arrest. Here your stag group will be surprised by “policemen” who will arrest your stag and have him thinking he is in serious peril. Instead of taking him to a police station, however, he will be taken to a strip club where he will enjoy a lap dance once he is over the initial shock!

Other red tape breaking activities include AK47 Shooting Experience, Ice Hockey Experience and Stripper Oil Wrestling!

Of course, if none of these sounds just right then you might want to try some cocktail making in Liverpool or the zip wire in Brighton.





Joshua writes with the scent of sea air and unwashed dreadlocks in his nostrils thanks to working from Brighton. He enjoys watching pretentious foreign films and trashy TV.

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