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13 Romantic Gestures To Impress Your Girl

26 Jul 2016

13 Romantic Gestures To Impress Your Girl

Categories: Stag Dating Advice

Whether you've done something wrong or you simply want to show your undying love for the woman in your life, there are plenty of romantic ways to impress her. Here are our top thirteen romantic ways to leave her blushing and jumping into your arms.

1) Candlelit Dinner

If she's coming back from a hard day at work, it can feel daunting when you know you still have to cook, clean-up and get ready for the next day. Surprise her with a well cooked meal and spruce up the evening with candles aplenty. Just be careful where you place them, you don't want to cause a fire! Cooking food yourself also shows a bit more effort than going out, while you can focus on making her favourite dish. Go the extra mile and hunt down her favourite desert (whether that be a cupcake at her fave bakery or a black forest gateau).

candlelit dinner

2) A Massage

I fail to understand anyone that doesn't want a massage. In almost every relationship I have been in, we have taken turns massaging each other, however there is nothing more romantic than offering a 30 minute massage without expecting one in return. Put on some relaxing music, by some lotion and help her to unwind.


3) Notebook

No, not the film, but that would be a nice gesture if you can bare to sit through it! Your relationship is made up of special moments, but it doesn't seem quite as special when they are stored on Facebook. Collect all the best photos of you both together and get them printed. Then put them all into a scrap book or a photo album. Now whenever you're away, she can look through the album and it will bring a smile to her face.

photo album

4) Find Her Childhood Want

When I was young, the toy I always wanted but never got was a stretch armstrong. To this day, it would still be my ultimate present, as it would hit on a nostalgic emotion. Try to ask her what gift it was she always wanted when she was young but she never got. Go out and find it and then when you give it to her, let her know she will never be disappointed with you.


5) Gig Tickets

Keep an eye out for tickets, whether it be for her favourite comedian or musician and try to buy two tickets. It doesn't have to be for a birthday, try to be spontaneous. She will not stop talking about how great a boyfriend you are to all her friends for the next month! 

gig tickets

6) Bucket List

Write up a joint bucket list of things you would both love to do in your life. Then work out how to go about achieving all of these. They can be the small things (eating fondue) to the extreme (climbing Machu Picchu), however make sure to plan all of her favourite moments of her life to be with you.

bucket list

7) The Little Messages

People sometimes need a pick-me-up. In fact, everyone appreciates complements, so try to sneak them in where you can. Send her a random text telling her how gorgeous she is. Write on a piece of paper about how much you love her and sneak it into her handbag. Don't overdo this one as it can be a bit overwhelming, but a sneaky message here and there can cheer her up and put her in a really good mood.


8) The Little Things

There are so many small gestures you can do which will make you the ultimate boyfriend. While she's in the shower, put her towel on the radiator, so when she gets out she can wrap herself in a warm towel. Make her a cup of coffee first thing in the morning and bring it up to bed for her. Everyone is individual, find out what would be special to her.

9) Book A Spa Trip

A swim in the pool, a Swedish massage, a facial and a dip in the jacuzzi, she will love you for this! Just tell her to keep the weekend free and surprise her on the day with the plan. You can find some great deals on Groupon or Secret Escapes. If you are wanting to combine it with a holiday abroad then we know some great spa's as part of our Lisbon stag activities, plus other locations.


10) Buy Her Flowers

Find out which type of flowers are her favourite and buy them occasionally for her when coming back from work. You could even buy rose petals and coat the bed with them as a surprise for when she comes back...But expect a lot of cleaning up afterwards.


11) Listen To Her

This might sound like something basic, but really truly listen to her. Be there when she wants to vent about someone who has annoyed at her, ber her motivator when she is down and reassure her everything will be alright. She is looking at you to be her rock, so let her know how strong she is and how important she is to you and don't ever moan when she wants to talk...even if your favourite TV show is on.


12) Drop The Electronics

After a hard days work, we can get into the pattern of playing Call Of Duty, chatting to people on Facebook and watching TV all evening. Hey, she might be doing the exact same. But find ways to drop your electronic addictions and spend actual time with her. Go out for a meal, even go out with her and catch Pokemon on Pokemon Go. Whatever it is you do, break away from your singular addictions and find ways to be closer to her.

romantic dinner

13) Share Your Emotions

This is sometimes a hard one for me, but share what is going on in your head. Let her know about your deep dark secrets, this will build trust between you both and make her feel like she knows you better than anyone else. It will make her feel more comfortable around you (unless you have Dexter's dark fantasies).


Tom Bourlet

Tom Bourlet

Tom is our SEO expert and Senior Digital Marketer at The Stag Company. He has a huge passion for travelling, playing the saxophone, the gym and completing as many life experiences as possible.

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