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2015 Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

2015 Valentine's Day gift ideas for her

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Love it or hate it, Valentine’s Day is fast approaching. So whether you think it’s a made up event created by a nameless evil card corporation or a cute day to show your “honey bun” just how much she means to you. It’s happening, which means that you’re probably going to need to buy her a gift and soon. Either that or risk looking like an arse who doesn’t care one iota. You don’t want to be that arse, believe me. That arse doesn’t get the sweet stuff (and I’m not talking about heart shaped chocolates here…) Still not sure what to buy her? Need some help? Can’t really be arsed to think about it? Behold! I’ve done the thinking and searching for you. Just take a look at my handy gift list below. Sorted by personality type, complete with links (you’re welcome.)

The fitness bunny She’s a juice loving jogger and she’s all about the heathy Namaste way life. So why not buy her something that will enable her to go from boardroom to Bikram class in one package? This stylish bag has been intelligently designed with specific compartments for her yoga gear and even a slot for a rolled up yoga matt. Plus, it’s stylish, smart and looks nothing like a conventional gym bag.

The book worm Forget “ribbed for your pleasure” it’s all about the “personalised for her pleasure.” No I’m not talking about a new type of condom. I’m talking about a novel where you pick the story; fill in the blanks with details about the both of you and voila! You’ll receive a personalised novel where you’re the stars of the story. The website has a variety to choose from. From naughty modern erotica to classics like Pride and Prejudice, you’ll be spoilt for choice.

The fabulous fashionista Their recent advert which saw very pouty women standing next to phrases like, “Do I look like I want a fondue set?” comes to find here. A fashionista isn’t gonna want a boring practical gift. She needs tools to keep her looking fabulous. See what she hasn’t got and get her one of those whether it’s a curler, straighter or wave make. There’s always something the fashionista needs.

The sex kitten Just get her sexy underwear. It’s a win win all round. It's either that or some pelvic toning luna beads...

The free spirited bohemian You could gift a goat to a family in poverty if you like, but if you think she’d rather having something “to have and to hold” then maybe opt for a wing print scarf instead (though maybe think about the goat – it’s for charity after all.) Its hand painted and from an independent merchant which I’m sure she’ll appreciate. Plus there are plenty of different colours and patterns to choose from.

The one who says she “doesn’t want anything” HAHAHAHAHAHAHA! As Admiral Ackbar would say, “it’s a trap!” Don’t fall for it, even if she insists she doesn’t want a gift. Don’t take the bait. Buy her some flowers at the very least. It’s romantic without being over the top, and there’s a bunch for every budget. You have no excuse Romeo.

The wanderlust traveller Reminiscent of vintage suitcases and luggage this brand is a stylish choice for ladies who love to travel. Seriously, this is going to win you so many good boyfriend points you won’t know what to do with yourself and she won’t know how to reward you enough.

The flavour loving foodie Such a simple concept and yet it opens up so many complex combinations. This is a set of dice that helps you choose what you’re going to cook and what ingredients you’re going to use. With a total of 186,000 food combinations, this is the gift that really does keep on giving (or should I say feeding?)


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