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7 Scorching Beach Hacks for your Summer

05 Jun 2014

7 Scorching Beach Hacks for your Summer

Categories: Best Stag Do Locations Europe & The UK

It’s June, which means that summer is coming (and the World Cup!), and with that comes good weather and the opportunity to hit the beach! With wonderful weather on its way (at some point) I thought it would be the perfect time to collate some great ‘beach hacks’ to help you make the most of your summer, whether you’re in the UK or lucky enough to escape abroad!

All sandy everything

One of the best things about going away somewhere hot is that they’ve probably got sandy beaches, which are way better than the pebbles we often have to contend with in the UK. However, getting sand everywhere is a common occurrence when you’re on the beach and can be a slight pain in the behind when you’ve had your fun. Not anymore though, just grab some baby powder as it’ll help you to remove the sand from your body with the minimum of fuss.

Protect ya tech

These days the majority of us will have a nice, expensive smartphone with us at all times, even on the beach when you’re on holiday. To avoid damaging your phone (or life, whatever you call it) just pop it in a Ziploc bag or similar, and you’ll be golden. This hack obviously won’t protect your phone if you were to drop it, or a lifeguard van ran it over, but it’ll keep sand, dirt, and water out and you’ll still be able to use your touch screen!

Get the fire going

If you need to get a BBQ or fire started (so long as you’re allowed, of course) don’t underestimate the power of tortilla chips. Doritos act as great kindling, so as long as you’re willing to give up a couple of handfuls of your favourite snack you can have your fire roaring in no time. It comes down to how much you really love Cool Original...

Look after your kicks

This is one for anyone who loves their trainers too much to see them get covered in sand or ruined by water on the beach. Grab a can of the amazing Crep Protect, a product that effectively makes your shoes waterproof. You should check out some of the videos that have been posted online, if crep protect can stop tomato ketchup from staining a pair of suede Nikes, it should be able to protect your new kicks from sand and water. Blinding.

Drink booze on the sly with a soft drink cup

This one is a little sneaky, and definitely the sort of thing you’ll want to try and do when you’re in Benidorm or Tenerife on a summer stag do. If you’re spending a day on the beach and you want to enjoy a few sly beers then find a fast food outlet and buy a large soft drink. Keep the cup and straw, then simply add some ice to the bottom of the cup, and then a small can of beer. Open the beer, pop in the straw, put the lid back on the cup and you’ve got sneaky beers all day without anyone knowing a thing. Until you pass out blind drunk at 1pm, of course.

Make the perfect Sandcastle

No matter how old you are, if the opportunity arises you will build a sandcastle. So if you’re heading down to somewhere like Newquay you’ll definitely want to make time to head to the beach and get creative. The Visit Newquay website has a great page detailing how to build the perfect sandcastle, all you need is a few various-sized sand buckets, which you can pick up close to any British beach, and a ton of energy and enthusiasm!

Get the tunes going

If you want some music on the beach you don’t need to bring an iPod dock that will run out of battery in 20 minutes; you just need a toilet roll tube, with a slit cut into it. Then you just slip your iPhone into the cardboard tube and you have an instant amplifier of sound. It’s not going to sound amazing but it will more than do the job for a day on the beach.

Avoid the 'beer bottle but no bottle opener' scenario

Having a case of bottled beer and no bottle opener is quite possibly one of the worst feelings you can ever experience on a stag do, or any other social situation for that matter. Fortunately for you and I, so many people have been faced with this problem that there are now multiple ways of side-stepping the problem.

I wouldn't recommend any of those in the video above, but I did put together an article last year that explained a number of ways you can open a bottle of beer without a bottle opener, and you should definitely have a read and bookmark it just in case it should ever happen to you. My favourite method from the article is probably using another beer, because you’re always going to have one with you until you get down to the last bottle!


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