Blind Driving and Hovercrafts in Sheffield

16 Apr 2009

Blind Driving and Hovercrafts in Sheffield

No, blind driving is not the best way to get to Sheffield on your stag do; we’re talking about the ultimate test of trust and skill with this unique stag weekend activity. In this double package you will get to drive a vehicle whilst blindfolded, test out a hovercraft and then get up to more mayhem on your night out in Sheffield.



Blind Driving





Although it goes against our better judgement, this stag weekend activity sees you (no pun intended) getting into a vehicle, taking place in the driver’s seat and then donning a dapper blindfold. This is where your mate crawls in beside you and becomes your eyes to the track in front of you. You will have to navigate the vehicle around the twists and turns of the track against the clock whilst all the while your friend directs you. Remember that TV show Knightmare? Where the kids wore the helmet and their mates had to tell them where to step? If you do – this is like that but miles better and without that annoying elf from the later series…fans – you know what I’m talking about.  Pick a good friend – one who has a modicum of orientation and can talk rather than just grunt. You’re going to need all the help you can get. This is a very funny and exciting activity.










These machines are fantastic. Using high pressured air to create a cushion between the vehicle and the ground these beauties are able to float on a whole manner of surfaces from water, to land and ice. No longer just used for military applications, single seat hovercraft for racing purposes are also used to bring the fun to the common man. You can guarantee as you skid and slide across the ground in these machines it will be unlike anything you have driven / floated before.










Located in South Yorkshire, Sheffield was once an industrial force to be reckoned with and even though its heyday in this area may have passed, there are still plenty of reasons to take your stag party to Sheffield for the weekend. As well as having top notch activity centres, Sheffield has a down to earth and friendly population that like a good knees up as much as the next man. The arena pulls in plenty of big names in music and the Meadowhall shopping centre offers plenty of day time entertainment. On a night out the majority of pubs and bars can be found along West Street making this a good place to go if you don’t want to stumble far to the next watering hole. There are also some good clubs in this area as well such as the Babylon Club on Carver Street and or the elegant and swanky Crystal Club. Further down Carver Street away from West Street you will also find some other late night hot spots like the Red Room and Nylon. If you’ve got plenty of energy and are looking for an all round adventure of a stag weekend then this package in Sheffield should certainly do the trick.




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