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Advice from the other gender… Things to remember on a 1st date

Advice from the other gender… Things to remember on a 1st date

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This article comes from the heart people, and the advice I’m giving is stuff I have learnt from going on dates. Bad dates (so many bad dates…) This is tried & tested, personal stuff gents. So read on, make notes and memorise this shit. Because not taking my advice may make all the difference between getting a second date and getting ditched.

Please note: this article assumes that you’re not completely socially inept and that you’ve been on dates before. So I don’t need to tell you to do the basic things like “don’t talk with your mouth open” “don’t talk about ex’s” etc.

Make sure you want to be there and look it

I swear to god, the face gives away so much and when I turn up to a date and the guy looks indifferent/fed up/miserable I just want to pack my stuff up and go. It’s a waste of everyone’s time. So don’t arrange a date if you’re going through a stressful time. Because as women we all pretty much have great “sense” and if she feels like you’re not into it (and she has any sense of self-respect) she’ll pack her stuff up and go.

Listen and don’t talk over her

People love talking about themselves. It’s a fact, and when a woman is on a date she wants to feel like the man is enchanted and completely captured by her and what she has to say. So listen. Do most of the listening, ask most of the questions and for Lords sake do try and remember her answers. Women admire and respect men who are good communicators, and she's more likely to open up and be close to you if you sound/appear like you give a damn.

Wear the right shoes

Know where you’re going – obviously. If you’re going on a muddy walk then don’t wear your nice brogues. However if it’s a city date then always, always wear your smart shoes godammit! The amount of times I’ve gone on a date, been impressed with his outfit, only to look down at his feet and be let down by dirty or uncomplimentary shoes is just ridiculous. It’s not bloody hard. Always go smart. Don’t try and be funky and wear plimsolls with a suit (or something equally as daft.) You can do that on later dates. Not on the first date. It’s not cool. It’s not cute. Sort yourself out.

Be a gent

O.K. I get that feminism is a massive thing and as a proud feminist I don't find it insulting when a man opens the door or pulls a chair out for me. It's just nice. He's not saying I can't open a door or pull out my own chair (and girls, if he does say that. Slap him.) I just assume he's being polite.... and probably trying to get into my good books. Feminist or not. Don't forget the little things like this. She might hate it, and if she does. Believe me she'll say. If she doesn't then chances are she doesn't mind. So you might as well.

Offer to pay

Even if she offers to go Dutch - still offer to pay.  Go Dutch if she insists (and  give in if you would really rather go Dutch) but always offer to pay first. It’s just polite.

Part ways politely

Not giving her at least a goodnight peck on the cheek after the date is weird. I’ve been on dates where he just stood there and because I felt so awkward I just sort of mumbled a goodbye and walked off without even a wave. It was weird and left me questioning the whole thing. Not good. So again, at least part ways with a goodbye cheek peck. (Unless she recoils at the very touch of you, then maybe not.)