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Alcohol Awareness for your Stag Night

It's always worth reminding yourself and the other members of your party the dangers that can occur on any night out through alcohol consumption.

Whether the risks are having one too many that you lose the concept of where you are, or having your drink spiked due to a lack of awareness, it's always good to bear in mind the possible consequences of a big night out.

Please read through some tips we found appropriate to remember for the stag night...

* Plan how you're going to get home before you leave. Make sure you've got numbers for taxis and keep aside enough money to get home safely.

* Eat before you go out, or during the evening

* Drink water regularly to stay refreshed and rehydrate

* Use soft drink spacers to pace yourself - a tonic looks just the same as a vodka and tonic. A cola looks the same with or without the rum

* Remember that too much drink will do nothing for your looks - you're drop dead gorgeous until you drop down drunk

* And don't succumb to the beer goggles effect - you might think you've met your dream date - until the effect wears off

* Don't accept drinks from strangers and never leave your drink unattended - it's all too easy for someone to spike your drink

* Look out for your friends and make sure they look out for you