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- if you find a like-for-like stag do for less, we'll match it!

7 Alternatives to Tinder

19 Aug 2016

7 Alternatives to Tinder

Categories: Stag Dating Advice

If you’re still looking for love and haven’t yet found a girl that melts your heart like butter on hot toast, a girl that makes you feel as though you’re riding a unicorn over rainbow clouds or, a girl that you can bring home to your family Sunday roast, then this article may be of interest to you.

Tinder, everybody is using Tinder. However, is Tinder still taken seriously as a dating app? Are people using it to find the truest connections and real love? Or has it become a social venture, whereby groups or mates give a mark out of ten and anything below a 6 gets swiped in the wrong direction? Let’s face it you don’t necessarily know if someone is eligible to date just because they’re within 50km of you and they look like they’re a 10 in an over-edited selfie.

We’ve decided to look at some other dating sites and apps with a more wholesome dating perspective, ones that take more into consideration than aesthetics. You can’t expect to pitch up on your date and have Megan Fox waiting for you in a body tight dress with a rose in her mouth. So, it’s time to get real and find someone compatible, someone who likes to spend their leisure time doing the same things as you, someone seeking a relationship with longevity and most of all, someone that will go on a date with you.

1) Happn

If the kooky spelling doesn’t grab you, then how the app works may intrigue you a little more. Happn is a swipe app, very much like Tinder. Tinder, lets you know when you’re within a certain distance with the girl you like, which, if your radius is set to 70 km, remains pretty pointless as the chances of you bumping in to her is unlikely. Happn, goes one further than Tinder and actually notifies you when you have crossed paths with the girl you fancy. So, if you’ve seen a girl you like and you’ve seen that she passed you a matter of moments ago, you could release your inner stalker and try and find her roaming about town, or wait patiently where you passed each other in the hope that you may once cross paths again.  Alternatively, there is a cute “charm” feature, so, if you really like a girl you can buy credits and send her notifications of charm. This will let her know you really like her, and will ensure she notices you.


2) Bumble

Are you fed up with investing every ounce of you’re A-game into girls? Are you fed up with the airy replies? Do you wish a confident and beautiful girl would stop playing hard to get, talk to you first and show interest in you? Then you need Bumble. This is the dating app where girls have to talk to you first, this means you guys just sit back and let women work hard to win your affections. The girl has to send the first message when you match, if they don’t send a message within 24 hours, then it’s game over and their loss.


3) Woo

Woo is another app like Tinder aimed for Indians and boasts another inspirational name.  It's got some rather quirky features making it competitive in the dating game. If you are someone who wants to listen to a lady’s voice before you meet her, Woo lets people add voice intros. As Tinder now offers ‘super likes’ Woo competes with “crushes” and you can send messages to your “crush” to make sure you grab her attention. Other features include ability to search people based on interest, work and music tastes. So if you’re looking for an Indian goddess, Woo is for you. 

woo dating

4) Jswipe

This is tailored for all you Jewish men looking for a Jewish princess, shalom!

Jewish dating app Jswipe is another redeveloped knock-off of multi-billion dollar mobile-dating sensation Tinder. If both users swipe right, they’re invited to chat about whatever they please, but on first chat basis, I advise you to keep it clean. As the dating app specifies the Jewish market, it drifts away from the one night stands of Tinder and suggests there’s one reason you’re looking for a fellow Jew to get to know…You’re looking for a long-term love…Awwwwh.


5) Tastebuds

No, this app doesn’t match people on food preferences, though it should and, someone should really make that happen. This app matches on music taste, which is a big deal to a lot of people.

The app collects your music preferences from your Facebook account (even those golden oldies you liked years ago) and allows you to add music choices manually. You can set a Profile track, which users will be able to play when they view your profile, you can send texts as well as songs to people and generally have great conversations about anything music related.  Perhaps you’ll find your long lost love by listening to Coldplay, Sting or Taylor Swift... How romantic!


6) Clover

Clover is the mother of all dating apps, it sneakily incorporates the best features from Tinder, OkCupid, Match, Plenty of Fish and everything else on this list. The app lets you set real dates with the on-demand dating features. It not only sets up dates, it also lets you discover all the undiscovered singletons as various dating events, so you can swoop in like a fairy-tale Lothario and choose the perfect lady.  Moreover, it includes powerful search filters, that are able to identify your future lover. While the basic features are free, Clover Premium does need to you invest some pennies for you to benefit from the ultimate, contemporary and super-modern dating features, but hey, you’ll be investing in your future…

clover dating

7) Rendeevoo

Another pun!  Rendeevoo, is a play on the French word rendezvous, which is an appointment, or meeting point. We do occasionally use it in the English language, but it’s commonly pronounced in an unauthentic French accent. On the app you can create actual meet-ups with the girl of your dreams at bars or coffee places. Similar to “like” on Tinder, Rendeevoo lets you invite people for a drink or a coffee if the feeling is mutual, which you may think is a little forward, but it’s rather refreshing to meet someone in the flesh. Cyber relationships are one of the downfalls of the new generation, so get up and get out there!  

Please flirt responsibly




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