Amazing things to do on European stag parties

29 Jan 2010

Amazing things to do on European stag parties

It has become quite normal for British stags to choose European destinations for their stag weekend. This has partly been as a result of cheap flights to the lesser known European cities and the subsequent increase in profile of what was known as the ‘Eastern Block’.

The appeal of having a stag weekend away is the guys get to enjoy a new experience and do and see things that they wouldn’t in England, for various reasons. Different and often cheaper beer is on offer, as is traditional food, while stag activities such as paintballing and gun shooting are far more authentic and extreme than they would be on these shores.

There are extreme stag activities on offer that you simply cannot enjoy in England, which gives European stag weekends the best chance of being a memorable experience for all involved. Here are just two of the best:

Mud Wrestling

If you are heading to Bratislava in Slovakia or Brno in the Czech Republic and you like semi-naked ladies and don’t mind mud then there is one activity that you have to include. It is fair to say that female mud wrestling is a slightly sleazy sport, but there is nothing wrong with a little bit of naughty fun on a stag weekend. These girls can get bored of wrestling with each other, so you can expect the stag will be pulled into the ring and shown a move or two in the mud.

Stripper Banquet

In almost all of the top Eastern European stag venues you can enjoy the most memorable meal of your life – and that is no exaggeration.

A stripper banquet is a joy for your senses, all of them, as you feast on fine food and beer until you are unable to eat anything else. Now you can sit back and let your food go down as you enjoy some outrageous entertainment, including some sexy stripping and then a lesbian show.

We think this is as close as it gets to living life like Henry VIII, but hopefully the stag will only need one wife!


Probably one of the most bizarre items on our list, if you were touched by Cool Runnings then you might want to try your hand at a winter sport for your Prague Stag Weekend. These can hit pretty fast speeds at times, but not all courses are as fast as the olympic style ones, so enquire beforehand as some are pretty relaxed, probably best if you don't plan on injuring yourself.


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