Archery, Air Rifle and Quads in Liverpool

30 Jan 2009

"I knew the Beatles were from Liverpool – well actually I thought they were from Manchester which I've yet to live down but what can I say, I grew up in a village where the next village along were treated as outsiders... it's a small world there. So, as I was saying my knowledge of Liverpool was slim, it's near some water, apparently called the Mersey, and someone old sang a song about the ferry trips there so they must be pretty good.

We were going on Phil's stag do and I thought he'd chosen odd stuff to do. Archery, air rifle shooting and quad bikes. Quads I was all down for, but a bow and arrow? I hadn't watched Robin Hood since the Disney cartoon when I really fancied Maid Marion... what? She was a fox!

The activity venue was pretty cool and we got briefed about safety stuff before they gave us our bows and arrows. Okay, they were a lot different to the ones me and my brother used to make from string and wood, these things look pretty lethal. It's a satisfying feeling to hit the target, and I even got one right in the middle. After I was done I felt like a complete toxophilite (look it up – I had to).

Air rifles were something I was familiar with and this was great for the group. To start with everyone's gobby and joking around but then you really have to concentrate and it got so competitive to the point there was almost silence as everyone wanted to beat each other.

After all that concentration though you really want to let rip and so the quads were a perfect finisher for us. I love quad biking and the track that they had was really good. They've got a massive track through woodland and open fields so you get to manoeuvre through the ditches and then throttle it on open land to get the top speeds.

Liverpool as a night out really surprised me as well, it's wicked, there are loads of places to drink and people are really funny and friendly. We spent most of our time near Matthew Street and Concert Square and they've got all your main bars and then some nifty different ones too.  Oh, and go lap dancing, I don't know if the birds are fitter in Liverpool or if it was just the site of their boobs but I thought they were awesome."


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