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Best man rigs newlywed's bed to Twitter

Best men are well known for arranging pranks for the groom on the stag do, but an unknown best man has gone further by broadcasting the newlywed's bedroom activity on Twitter.

The social networking site is broadcasting every time the couple has sex, but despite 16,000 followers the couple in question have no idea they are the stars of an internet hit.

The best man explained that he was asked to house sit for his friend, the groom, while the couple went on its honeymoon. He then rigged the marital bed with a pressure-sensitive pad to detect when the couple was doing the deed.

The pad is linked to a computer, which tweets the start time, end time, force, 'frenzy index', and a cheeky 'judge’s comment'.

"What you will NEVER know is who they are. Or who I am. I figure I’ll tell my mate in due course that he’s had an audience," explained the Tweeter.