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Best stag weekends on the beach

Following the news that we ‘could’ be in for a hot summer we thought we’d take a look at the best stag weekend destinations where you can enjoy the sun on a beach.

After all a stag weekend is much like a lads holiday, so spending it during the day on the beach or by the pool lapping up the sun is an ideal way to recover from the night before.
As you are on the coast there is also a wide range of fun adrenaline-pumping activities on offer, such as coasteering, zap cat racing or wakeboarding.

It always seems to be much more fun going out on a night out along seafront bars and clubs, it must be something about the sea air.

In England it is best to stay on the south coast for beach holiday and not just because of the slightly warmer climate, but due to the locations being much more suited to a stag weekend. Newquay stag weekends appeals to surfers, clubbers, campers and adrenaline-junkies, while Bournemouth stag dos are perfect for water babies, lap dancing connoisseurs and sun seekers. The northern alternatives of Blackpool and Morecombe just can’t compete with that.

The European options revolve around Spain and the Spanish Balearic islands. You’ve got Ibiza, Marbella, Valencia and Barcelona to choose from and all are perfect for your summer stag weekend.