Man Misses Court Date After Blackpool Stag Do Prank

24 Jun 2011

A man failed to turn up to his court hearing a week ago for breaching a community order because he was handcuffed to railings after a Blackpool stag do, a court heard yesterday. Mr Lackey from Barrow was ordered before magistrates in Furness as he failed to comply with the requirements of a community order.

Daniel Lackey was due to appear on the Wednesday morning but didn't appear until 2.30pm, as the court's day had already been wrapped up for the day.

The man's legal adviser Gerard Rees confirmed that Lackey had not shown because of the stag weekend but did not know he was tied to rails.

Rees said,

“In regards of failing to show, he has given his explanation to the court. Indeed, it is the first time that I have heard the full explanation from him.

“I believe he was literally tied up to some railings and the other people who were on the stag do left him there.”

Lackey had been attending his brother's Blackpool stag do when the prank had been pulled. Friends like these, eh?

Mr Lackey confirmed the reason for his no-show to the unamused judge,

“I was at my brother’s stag-do, yes.”

When quizzed on whether he would break the original order, Lackey was far from repentant,

He said: 'She [my partner] says to me when we have an argument that I have to go.
'It’s not something that I always have to aggravate. I believe that I may break it again.'

Oh dear. On a serious note, if you are heading off on stag weekends where one of your party has a court hearing the next day - tying him to railings, with handcuffs or otherwise, probably isn't the fairest thing to do. Especially if it isn't even his stag do.

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