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Blow Up Dolls causing Havoc in Sweden…and Wales

Blow Up Dolls causing Havoc in Sweden…and Wales

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It would seem the Swedish police are perhaps not invited often enough to Stag Weekends, and this may explain the unusually high levels of suspicion they hold for the basic items required for a weekend of drunken debauchery. Recently in Halmstad Sweden, an area of the city was sectioned off for protection due to a bomb scare…caused by a discarded blow up doll and a false nose.

What looked like the beginning of a smutty Poirot episode turned out to be something much more innocent. I’m pretty sure it wouldn’t have taken the smugly moustached Frenchman long using his powers of plastic seduction to figure out the doll’s lovely love holes weren’t concealing dangerous explosives, something which took the Swedish police a little longer.

The items were all that remained from an unforgettable stag night, and the bound and gagged doll and false nose were thought to have been discarded after the group left a nearby bar the night before. The groups would no doubt have been chuffed to learn their antics caused a standstill to the town and the evacuation of a restaurant for over an hour as police technicians investigated the scene. Eventually the area was cleared and the dangerous doll removed from causing further concern.

One Swedish officer is thought to have expressed disappointment after a colleague explained to him that the doll wouldn’t actually blow his head (off)…

Blow up dolls are neither puppies nor orphans and no one will frown upon you for discarding your rubber friend after your hazy stag celebrations, however don’t assume you’ll be as lucky as the Swedish guys. One unlucky Welshman recently tried to end his relationship with his latex lover by dumping her in a lay by in Carmarthenshire, only to be slapped with a £75 fine for fly-tipping.

A prosecutable offence, the guy was let off lightly considering he also dumped a bag of sex toys. A spokesman said: "Due to the sensitive nature of the waste, and the fact that it was a small amount, we decided to issue a fixed penalty notice".

Nothing to do with the fact they didn’t want to hand over Foxy Roxy as evidence…