Marbella Stag Weekends Have Landed

11 May 2011

To a chorus of applause and whistles, the flash of cameras and with shirt in hand, The Stag Company is delighted to unveil their latest signing of Marbella to the Stag Co squad. We believe that Marbella is an exciting stag weekend destination and have managed to tie up deals with hotels and venues in the city to ensure that we can send stags to this beautiful part of the world at our usual good prices.

We've been hard at work trying to put together packages with a surgeon's precision to ensure that our customer's have the most titillating, hilarious and sun-drenched Marbella stag weekend possible.

The Business Stag Weekend Package

This package is all about spending some quality time with your boys - something that you'll enjoy with a luxury beach day, which will see you sippin' on champagne, drinking from your own poolside bar and enjoying a beast of a lunch in the sun. Then it's off to enjoy the many delights of Marbella, including the hot locals at a Stag Company approved nightclub - your stag weekend main course, followed by a strip club for the dessert. Just like Momma used to make.

Call of Booty

If this doesn't peel you away from you games console, there's nothing down for you - the Call of Booty, as the name suggests - is about gorgeous honeys wearing next-to-nothing and using firearms with/at your mates. Don't get much better than that. We'll also include central Marbella accommodation to ensure that you're right in the heart of the action.

stRip Tide

stRip Tide is all about riding across the Mediteranean Sea on either a board or on skis as the sun beats down on your powerboat, great fun for the lads to watch as you plunge into the sea head first, before hitting the clubs of Marbella and even a strip club for an eye popping end to their Marbella stag weekend.

What's that I hear you cry? Is it a coincidence that you're unveiling Marbella packages on the same day that Peter Andre is playing in the Costa Del Sol hot-bed? Well, yes, yes it is.


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