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Brides offered £5,000 for wedding dress sponsorship

We do not advise suggesting this as an idea to your would-be bride, as if the women we know are anything to do buy you may no longer need to go on a stag weekend at all.

However, a bingo firm is offering a bride and groom £5,000 to sponsor their wedding, which would include the company's logo appearing on the wedding dress. would also require the happy couple to pose for publicity shots and allowing the logo to appear on invitations and menus for example, but in return they can go a long way to having their wedding costs covered.

A spokesman for the bingo site said: "We're hoping to give one lucky bride the wedding she's always dreamed of.

"Having the logo on her dress and wedding invites is a small price to pay."

So is sponsoring weddings the way forward? It brings back memories of Anthea Turner and Grant Bovey's wedding and a chocolate bar, which did not go down well with the public back in 2000.