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Britain Finally Wins a Title

Britons haven't had much to shout about in recent times. Of course the economic downturn means Brits are more skint than ever, last year's World Cup campaign was a disaster, and even our all-conquering cricket team was battered by Ireland last week.

Fortunately there's one thing we will simply not be beaten on. In a survey by Trip Advisor, Brits were found to be the heaviest holiday drinkers. Clutch those 3 lions to your chest and "praise be" to Saint George, sound out Rule Britania: your boys took one helluva beating. We're willing to waiger that a stag weekend UK stylee had more than a part to play.

Yes, according to the survey Brits are found to drink a staggering 65% more on holiday than they do at home, with Europe's average a rather more modest 41%. Italians were found to drink just 28% more. The survey of more than 6,000 travellers found that 29% of Britons enjoy 5 alcoholic beverages on average per day, comparing to just 10% of Europeans.

TripAdvisor spokeswoman Emma O'Boyle said: "British holidaymakers have long been known for liking a drink when away, but it seems Brits really do up the ante with alcohol on holiday in a way our European neighbours do not."

The survey also found us to compare favourably with our European neighbours when it comes to health matters abroad. A respectable 3/5 score was given to the Brits, with Italians found to be the least health-conscious and the Spanish the most.  This factored in how seriously we take diet and excercise while holidaying.

British holiday-makers were found to be the least likely to smoke more away, while Italians were the most likely to smoke more.

The Trip Advisor spokesperson added: "While it's encouraging to see that Britons are more health-conscious than most other Europeans when it comes to smoking and sun protection on holiday, we've certainly been shamed on our diet, alcohol intake and exercise by the Spanish."

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